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Life, a Half Marathon, and Restoring Sanity

2 Nov

Just about a year after I decided to run my first half, I signed up for my next half. This May: Boston’s Run to Remember.

I have the running bug. Not that you’d know it, since I’ve really only run one mile since Chicago. Really? Really. This is my life right now. Last week there was only one day I was home before 9:30pm. This week and the next two weeks will basically be the same. I’m realizing that the chances of me doing any running before my Turkey Trot are slim to none. Oh well, it’s totally possible to PR a 5k after not running for a month, right? Don’t look at me with that tone of voice.

Once I have some semblance of free time back, I need to craft a good plan to improve my half time. That includes creating a better base over the winter: indoor track workouts, muscle classes, and cross training galore. I have until the end of February to kick myself back in gear. I can do it.

You might be thinking “Okay, so you’re busy during the week… but surely you have free time on weekends!” You would be right if you weren’t totally wrong. And don’t call me Shirley. With Cabaret opening next week, we have rehearsals all week long (no days off until *maybe* 11/15). And this past weekend? Well… I was at a little rally down in DC.

Yes, it was amazing. Yes, we drove 8+ hours each way to see it. Yes, the city was absolutely MOBBED with people. Yes, we attempted to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner, only to remember that the next morning was the Marine Corps Marathon when we were told there was a 7 hour wait for a table.

My life is crazy and I kinda love it. If I can ever find more time to write a detailed post and photos, I’ll do so. Magic 8 Ball says “ask again later.” Dammit, 8 Ball I don’t have time to ask later.

Run on, folks.


Dreams, Races, Dream Races

10 Nov

I’m sure most of you have literally dreamt of an upcoming event. Last night I dreamt about the race, but it was pretty much everything I vented about yesterday. It was so weird… we would run a mile, then everyone would go inside and take a short break. Myself and maybe 10 others wanted to keep going, but they asked us to come inside too. Maybe it was my subconscious’ way of telling me to CALM DOWN and not be so impassioned. So I’m over all that now. No more angrypants.

Today marks a full one week of training! Woohoo! 17 to go ;) 2.5 miles scheduled for later today. It’s going to be another 65° day in the Boston area, no doubt I’ll have to take this run to the streets.

I heard some good things about Luna Moons the other day, have any ladyrunners out there tried them yet?

I also tried coconut water for the first time ever… still not totally sure how I feel about it. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t that good. The brand I tried was Zico, and it had some mango flavoring. It’s labeled as “Nature’s Sport Drink” with more potassium than two bananas. I’ll give it another go pre-run some time.

So, going back to dreams… what would be your dream race? Distance, location, time of year… all of that. For me, I’d love to run anywhere over in Europe, as I’ve never been there. But more realistically, I want to run through DC during the spring, when the cherry blossoms are all blooming. A 10K or half marathon would be a super distance for that. How about you guys… what’s your dream race?