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Three Things Thursday

4 Feb


Yesterday’s double header was fan-freakin’-tastic! Well, aside from the 4:45am wake up call. I had an 8 mile tempo run scheduled for mid-week, but with my commute I don’t have the time for that… nor do I have the patience to do 8 miles indoors all at once. I broke the tempo up into 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles at night. I also chose to do these on the elliptical since my ankle was nagging me a bit.

Tempo Part 1 (5:00 am)
Level 4
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 33:46

Tempo Part 2 (6:00 pm)
Level 4
Distance: 4 miles
Time: 33:20

What the frickety frick? I’ve never moved that fast for that duration. I don’t move that fast when I do speed work. If only I could translate my elliptical pace into running pace, all would be right with the world.


Since I’m staying a bit late at work tonight, I decided to get a few errands done before heading in to the office. I stopped by City Sports and tried on a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (I would have snapped a photo but the salesperson stayed right next to me and that would have been awkward turtles). Aside from a few issues getting my left foot in there, I have to say… they were pretty comfortable. The spreading of my toes was a bit weird to see in the shoes, but overall I felt very firm and grounded. I tried on a pair that were like slip-ons, but the KSOs seem to be the best for outdoors (there’s mesh on top, so it’s harder for dirt or pebbles to get in the shoes). Maybe there’s a pair of these in my future? I might try to get to Marathon Sports this week to do another fitting before buying any new shoes.


One of my friends won a Tiki Party at a pub near my office! (hence why I’m staying late, I’m working until that begins). A free buffet, drink specials, and some giveaways. Sounds like a good time! I’m excited to see some people I haven’t seen in a while :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! FOCUS!


Rest, Continued

17 Nov

Taking tonight off to rest my muscles. My right calf is still tighter than it’s ever felt in my life, which is what I believe is causing the pain in my arch. I have a chiropractor appointment on Thursday, hopefully she can adjust something to alleviate the tightness.

This morning was so gorgeous… I felt like I had to go out and get in my miles for the day. But half a block in, I felt my foot cramping up. I cut down the next side street back to my house, only jogging .5 miles. I need to just accept that I need to take it easy for now… no use running through pain. I’ve started a stretching routine which I do every morning and night. There’s also a heat compress on my calf as I type.

On another note, have any of you ever tried Vibram Five Fingers? I know someone that has them, and he swears by the shoes. I don’t know what to think anymore… there’s articles on new shoes, the right type of shoes for your feet, barefoot running, etc. Sheesh. What are your thoughts on barefoot running? Is it just a fad (possibly sparked by Born to Run), or the next big thing to happen to the running community?