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Three Things Thursday

25 Feb


Tonight I’m going to a networking event at Fenway Park! So excited. Last week I celebrated Spring Training with the pub crawl, now this. Don’t hate. I’m from Boston. Baseball is serious business.


Holy crap, the race is 10 days away. I leave for Florida a week from tomorrow. Aweeeeesome. I’m super excited to be meeting up with Running Diva Mom and others before the start. I think we’ll all need a little company and support at 4:45am. Sheesh, Disney!


I’ve been done with college for 6 months now. That means it’s time for… dun dun dunnnnnnn… student loans. Ugh yuck. They’ve totally eviscerated my monthly budget. But! I made the decision earlier this week to pay my smallest loan off in full! I’ll be applying what would have been my monthly payments to that loan and splitting the money evenly to all my other loan payments. Based on my current plan, I’ll have everything paid off in less than half the initially quoted time! Thank goodness I still live at home right now ;)

It’s almost Friday, heck yeah!


Three Things Thursday

28 Jan

Just three things today. No thirteen like last week.

1. Holy moly it’s snowing rather angrily outside today. Nothing is sticking, but Boston is a giant, angry snowglobe. Right now I see it blowing in 3 different directions. Ouch.

2. Tricia at Endurance Isn’t Only Physical is giving away a Nathan’s Hydration Belt. Their products are pretty sweet, so definitely enter if you want to snatch one up (or just buy one, that works too).

3. Dailymile user Go Pre Go posted this video clip a few days ago for motivation. It’s Ryan Hall and Josh Keflezighi doing a 31 mile training run in Mammoth Lakes, CA. With consistent splits hovering around 5:30. If this isn’t motivation to kick ass then I don’t know what is.