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19 Oct

I didn’t write my recap post last night. Why? Photo money. I can’t bring myself to spend $80 on my race photos just yet. MarathonFoto, why u so expensive? Fail.

Anyway, I’m totally done recovering! Truthfully, I was just about done recovering 3 days after Chicago. I TAP DANCED three days after running. Tonight I’m kicking off my recharged drive to work out by attending my gym’s conditioning class again. Last time, this resulted in 2 days of sore muscles. Don’t care. I’m determined to a) look amazing for my part in the musical, and b) tone up so I can run faster and (hopefully!) break 2 hours in a half this spring.

In other fail news, I had originally planned on testing out a modified vegan diet (read: still okay with having milk/eggs/meat now and then) in order to get ready for my show. Yesterday was my first day of testing out the diet. It went great until I was driving home and I got the most intense craving for a steak and cheese sub. You better believe I got a small one and ate that sucker with a glass of wine. Don’t care. Delicious.

So right now I have one more race planned for 2010, and three planned for 2011 (Super Sunday, BAA 5k, Run to Remember… though none are open for registration yet). I need more, preferably in the Boston area. Travel fees are killin’ me. Suggestions?


Feeling Stronger

4 Aug

Every time you exercise with consistency, you get a bit stronger. That’s a given. But for the first time, I actually FELT stronger this morning.

Last night I did a track workout with extra laps to bring my distance up to 7.5 miles. A month and a half ago, after my first track workout, I was hobbling for about two days. This morning, I did an hour-long muscle conditioning class at my gym. At 5:30am. Less than 12 hours (with only about 6.5 hours of sleep) after the track. And I feel amazing, aside from a few shakes from not eating enough post-workout. Seriously, I need to eat more.

The point where I realized how much stronger I felt was at the end of the class. We finished it off with crunches, my strength training nemesis (hills are my running nemesis). I waited for the fatigue to come and… it didn’t. When I first started taking the abs class at my gym, my neck hurt from straining too hard, and I was fatigued just a few reps in. After we ended our sets my mind was like “hey woah why are we stopping, let’s do some more!” Though that may have been the hunger talking.

I also ran a 36:32 4 miler last Friday. There are some days where I feel like I can hardly pull out a decent 5K. And for whatever reason, I rocked those 4 miles. I don’t question it. I lend a little credit to the Starbucks doubleshot I consumed a half hour beforehand, but let’s ignore that and focus on the awesome.

When did you first feel your training come together and have that moment of “woah, I’m strong!”?


1 Jul

There are 100 days until the marathon. Uhhhhh wow. Tomorrow we hit the double digits of the countdown, and I have my first double digit run since March. And unlike last week, I plan on actually running the whole thing!

My legs are still pretty sore from the track on Tuesday. I think I really didn’t stretch well enough and I am so paying for it. Last night I took it easy and did strength training instead of running my club’s weekly 5K. Though I did hang out at the 5K finish line with the other volunteers and socialized for a while afterwards. I can’t wait to actually run the 5K with them!

So my strength training plan… I kind of love it. The trainer I met with broke down each major muscle group and gave me different exercises to do for each group. 2-3 times a week I do 3×10 of each exercise with 30 second rests between sets.

Upper Body
Biceps: biceps curls, hammer curls
Triceps: kickbacks, overhead extension, pulldowns
Chest: pushups, chest fly
Shoulders: overhead press, forward raises, lateral raises
Upper Back: reverse fly, bent over row

Lower Body (not many exercises here, since they’re worked out while everyday walking/running)
Quads: squats
Hamstrings: deadlifts
Glutes: walking lunges

Abs: crunches, leg lifts, rotations
Lumbar/Lower Back: superman, back extension, “bird dog”

By the end of summer I am going to be so toned I can’t even

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to do an easy 3 miles and let my legs recover. It’s an absolutely beautiful 70° day… no excuse for not running!

In other news, I picked a cucumber from my garden yesterday morning! So of course I had to have it as a snack last night. I’m officially spoiled by fresh garden produce. Nothing like it :)

Happy July!

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