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Quick Updates

11 Apr

Quick Runs

This weekend was so all about the training. Yesterday morning I went for a pace-pushing 3 mile run with my lululemon group, and I went for another pace-pushing 3 today followed by an hour of yoga.

In short, I’m pooped.

Stats for the weekend runs:

Distance #1: 3 miles
Time: 28:08
Pace: 9:18

Distance #2: 3.11 miles
Time: 29:50
Pace: 9:35

I think I’m finally ready to commit to a full-fledged plan to get ready for my real training. I have been SUCH a slacker when it comes to working out, so this weekend I finally created a set of visual charts with what I’ll be doing each day, and when. They’ll be going up on my wall across from my bed. I’m a big visual person, so I really think these will help.

Disclaimer: NO, this is not what every day looks like! Five days only have one activity, and one day has two. This is the only day of the week with all four because it’s just how things line up at the gym. I considered also having this setup on Mondays, since the gym offers the same classes. But with how I currently feel after my yoga class, I don’t think I’ll be able to take it two days in a row at this time ;)

Having the visual in my face when I wake up is sure to smack me into gear. I’ve also been pretty good about packing my lunch and laying out my clothes the night before. It’s amazing how much time that saves in the morning.

Quick Question

Is it very wrong that my heart rate skyrockets when I run? My resting heart rate is around 60, and when I was running a 9 minute pace on Saturday, my heart rate was up at 197! I didn’t FEEL exhausted, but I backed off because… you know… I don’t want my heart exploding.

(And yes, I plan on going to my doctor if this keeps up. I’m monitoring my HR on every run and if it stays high I’ll go for a checkup. I’m not just asking the internet for help).

Quick-Fix Recipe

I’m going to guess that most of you, like me, love your morning coffee. I don’t NEED it, but I definitely enjoy it. It’s almost full-time iced coffee season, and I wanted to share this fantastic recipe with you. No longer shall you spend too much money for bitter beans!

Cold-Brew Iced Coffee (via smitten kitchen)


Take 1/3 cup of ground coffee. Put it into a vessel of some sort. I use a French press. Mix the coffee with 1 1/2 cups of water. Stir. Cover and let it sit at room temp for 12 hours (I love making this at night so it’s ready for me the next morning). Strain twice through a coffee filter, a fine-mesh sieve or a sieve lined with cheesecloth. In a tall glass filled with ice, mix equal parts coffee concentrate and water, or to taste. If desired, add milk.

You will wonder where this coffee has been all your life. Try it now, thank me later.

PS- I haven’t opened my blog reader since Thursday night. I am petrified at how many unread things I’ll have. Don’t be offended if I just mark all as read.

I most definitely fell asleep as I wrote this. Yeah, time for bed.


Running Groups

11 Jan

Tonight I ran with my first-ever running group. Conclusion: I need to work on my speed ;) I actually wasn’t too concerned with speed, especially since I know I become a sniffling spitting neanderthal if I run in the cold, and it’s 25°F so there ya go. One runner (who happens to be a run ambassador for another store in the chain that runs the group) held back and was kind enough to run with me while the others went ahead. It was incredibly nice of him, especially since he averages a 7:10 pace and I can be anywhere from a 9-10.

Run totals
Distance: 3.71 miles
Time: 37:21
Splits: 10:04, 9:06, 10:42, 7:29
Elevation range: -59ft to 404ft (guh.)

I plan on doing this weekly, and I know that I’ll fall behind for a while. And I’m okay with that, and I don’t expect people to fall back for me. Worse comes to worse, I lose the group, turn around, and retrace my steps back to the start. It’s all on main streets in Boston, so there’s little danger in running alone *knock on wood.*

I think this group run brought me out of my running funk. I was cranky and whiny about my poor times and distances, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t blogging during that time. You all would have unfollowed me. I’m back in happy mode and ready to move forward.

Oh, and I PRed my 5K time. So, that’s cool too. :)