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Hydration Ridiculousness

29 Jun

I am such a thirsty runner. And as I’ve mentioned before, my sweat basically has the salt content of ocean water. So I’ll bring fluids with me on pretty much any run over three miles. For anything over 5, I take Gatorade Endurance/Pro/whatever they’re calling it now to avoid cramping.

Now that I’m about to have a double-digit run almost every week from now until October (holy crap!), I need more than just my 22oz Nathan handheld. I’m thinking about getting a belt as well, which would definitely provide enough fluid for me, but would it look ridiculous? My question is this: do you ever look at runners and think “hahaha who needs that much equipment? What a poser.” I know, I shouldn’t care at all what other people think. I need more fluids than most, so I should just carry what I need to stay healthy.

At what point do you think to yourself “Woah, that person is using way too much gear!”? And at what point do you think “I don’t care, check out all my gear ;)”?

I have my first full track workout session tonight. I’m REALLY hoping it’s out of the 80s by then. Then again, nothing says “fun” like full-sun fartleks!


It’ll ride up with wear

14 Jan

Am I the only one to watch ‘Are You Being Served?’ growing up? Yes? Aww :(

So here’s the scenario: you’re running, and all of a sudden the waistband of your shorts is actually around your waist, and your shorts are hugging you in ways you just don’t want. No amount of pulling and adjusting helps here; they’ll ride back up in 5 minutes.

Yeah that’s me almost every time I run in shorts. I have one pair of running shorts that I found at Old Navy (of all places!) that had a pair of lil’ bloomers built in. These shorts are quite magical and always stay in place. The rest? Hello uncomfortable city.

Have any of you experienced this wonderful ‘riding up’ sensation before? Is there anything I can do to keep my shorts in place, or am I about to go on a hunt for more bloomers-in shorts? Not that I mind the latter too much, as long as they’re not crazy expensive.

Last night was my second set of speed work training. On a treadmill. Suck. I can’t wait for it to be light out in the early morning. But the speedwork went pretty well:

1% incline, 29:20 total, 3 miles total
10 min/mi warm up
4×800 at 8:45 with 10 min pace in between for 1-2 minutes
0.15 mi cool down walk

I had intended on doing cross training this morning, then at 5:45 realized that I forgot to change my alarm from 6am to 5am. So woop woop cross training tonight. With shorts that love to hug my bum in all the wrong ways.

Oh, I totally almost forgot! RunToTheFinish is having an awesome Progresso Soup giveaway this week, and it ends tomorrow. It’s chilly outside- you know you want some yummy yummy soup to warm up with :)