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Motivation Monday: 50 in 50

15 Feb
Sorry for the late post. I had the day off from work so I wasn’t on the computer too much.

50 days. 50 marathons. Yes, really. A London man named Hugh Williams-Preece will be running from Libson, Portugal to London, England to raise money for Marie Curie Nurses. In the past, Hugh has participated in other endurance events such as climbing the three highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours, climbing Mont Blanc and Kilimanjaro, and completing the Marathon des Sables (aka running 6 marathons in 7 days across the Sahara completely supported by yourself).

AKA he’s pretty hardcore already. So now he’s decided to embark on a journey across four countries, running a total of 1310 miles (hey 1,000+++ club, maybe we should hop on this guy’s idea!). The journey is arranged so it all mostly goes downhill, which will be a saving grace on that man’s quads.

I’ll post a few updates along the way about his challenge.

Speaking of updates… Katie Spotz with Row for Water only has 975 miles remaining on her trip across the Atlantic!

Next Time:

I have running updates, a product review and a GIVEAWAY coming up this week! I hope you all enjoyed your day off :) If you were at work, well… I hope it wasn’t too hectic. Later gators.


Motivation Monday: Row for Water

1 Feb

Some of you seemed to enjoy that Ryan Hall/Josh Cox video I posted last week, so I’d like to start a regular motivational post; Motivational Mondays! Here we go:

I recently heard about a campaign called Row for Water; a young athlete named Katie Spotz is rowing across the Atlantic Ocean from Senegal to French Guiana to raise awareness and money for Blue Planet Run, a non-profit funding safe drinking water projects for the billion people around the world in need. Oh, and she’s rowing across the ocean alone. In less than 100 days.

She uses special satellite equipment to update her blog (on the main site) and Twitter accounts with daily happenings or interesting things she sees along the way. There’s also a location tracker on the site. She’s 29 days in to her journey and she looks to be over a third of the way to her destination. Go Katie!

Some other career highlights for Katie:

  • Swim for Water (another Blue Planet Run cause): Became first person to swim the entire length of 325 mile Allegheny River, averaging 12-15 miles per day, and with a one day swim of 22 miles
  • Big Ride Across America (for Clean Air/American Lung Association): Cycled 3,300 miles across the United States from Seattle to D.C., averaging 85 miles a day for forty days
  • Desert Run: Ran 150 miles across the Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert, solo and self-supported
  • Half Ironman Triathlon: First in age group (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run)
  • Cycled over 1,000 miles of solo bike tours within the United States, with a longest single day ride of 236 miles
  • Oxfam Trail Run: Completed 62-mile ultra marathon in Melbourne, Australia

This lady is rock solid. If you’re able, shoot a few dollars towards Blue Planet Run.

What will motivate you this week?