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monday brain exchange 25: race excitement

7 Feb

(The recharged and renewed weekly question series by OneLittleJill!)

What race are you most excited for in 2011?  Any destination races?  Are you trying out a new distance.  Tell us what it is in general you are looking forward to when it comes to 2011 racing.

Right now, I’m most excited for Boston’s Run to Remember. It’ll be my first real half marathon in over a year, and I really want to obliterate my old time from the Disney Princess Half. It shouldn’t be too hard, since now I’m much more educated on proper hydration and fueling. And after (barely) defeating the hills of the Around Cape Ann 25k and completing a marathon in 90°+ heat, the challenge seems much less daunting.

Of course, if I’m able to register for the BAA 5k, I will be ecstatic. There are only 5,000 spots, and considering how quickly the marathon filled up, this is going to be a clown rodeo of a registration. I’m not getting my hopes up too high for it yet, but it would be an awesome one to run.

Right now I have no destination races planned. I’m really trying to save up enough money to move into a place of my own within the next year, so that’s focus #1. Destination races create fantastic reasons to see new sights, but it’s not a necessity in my life right now. Smart financial planning!

I don’t plan on running any further than a marathon, so a “new” distance is right out. Maybe I’ll do a different race distance, like a 15k or 20k. Other than that, it’s 5k, 5 mile, 10k, and half marathons for me. I think I’m taking 2011 off from the marathon to focus on speed work and increased strength. I really *want* to run Chicago again… but logically, is it a smart move? I love Chicago. I love the race course. But is it smart for me to jump right in again? I had a lot of mental barriers along the way. I still have a few. I want to conquer those.

2011 will be a year of increased smartness and strength. It’s a year of at least 12 races of varying distances. It’s the year I stop caring about my pace in comparison to anyone else, and just do the best I can, with all the effort I can give, and to understand that pain and exhaustion are something to fight against; not succumb to.

some other words here

This weekend was a major bust. I went to a faaaaabulous concert on Friday night with a few friends, and woke up Saturday morning feeling like death. I was able to rule out a hangover because 2 beers within 4.5 hours, along with water? No. So Saturday was basically spent being horizontal and writhing in misery as I failed to manage to eat or drink anything. A short time after 9pm, I was able to eat 5 saltine crackers.

The next morning, I woke up feeling okay, but not 100% better. Curious about the previous day’s unintentional fast, I brushed off our scale and stepped on it. Lost 5lbs. Really? I hadn’t even been to the gym all week long because of the sucktastic weather. I also don’t really have 5lbs to lose (my lower weight at the time left me just two tenths of a point over the “underweight” BMI category). I managed to start nibbling on foods later in the day, and brought myself relatively back to normal. I think my weight is a-okay now.

super sunday 5k

Didn’t happen. The DCR told the race coordinator that because of the recent weather conditions, it had to be postponed. I was mildly relieved it was postponed, since my unintentional fast would have left me crawling 10ft from the starting line. But the day’s conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for a winter race; sunny, 44°F and a slight breeze. Right now, it’s on the calendar for this coming Sunday. Fingers crossed that it a) happens, and b) my stomach doesn’t decide to stage another coup.


So Fresh and So Clean

1 Jan

A new year, a clean start. In general, I don’t believe in “resolutions” because if something is important to you, you should start trying to make the change immediately. A new year ain’t nothin’ but a number. However, I do like trying to set measurable goals over a set amount of time. Most of my goals are things I’ve already been working on, but now it’s time to up the ante and boost them to goal status.

So what are my goals for this year?

1. Run in at least 12 races in 2011.

I have already signed up for 7 races through the end of June, so I figure what’s 5 more in the last 6 months? Right now I’m signed up for 3 5Ks, 2 10Ks, a 5 miler, and a half marathon. Woop woop. The first race is just over a month from now, and it’s the very first 5K I ever ran. I really want to obliterate my PR.

2. Get to the gym at least 4 times per week.*

An asterisk? Already? Yep, gotta be realistic. Right now, I have a fitness plan that involves me going to the gym 6 times a week and includes two yoga classes (new yoga mat and tank <3 ), two muscle classes, an interval class, and time on my own. Ambitious? Yes. That’s why my goal is to regularly hit 4 out of those 6 days. Ideally I’d be able to go to every class all the time. But muscles get sore, late nights happen, social events pop up, and sickness happens. I’m not going to beat myself up if something comes up and I miss a day and only make it 2-3 times one week. Heck, I didn’t do a lick of fitness today because I have quite the cold.

Chugging Cold Season tea and green juice. Hidden: my totally hot BreatheRight strip on my nose.


3. Stick to my monthly budget like a pro.

I recently revised my monthly budget, putting even more money towards paying off the money-hungry student loan monster. I moved some numbers and came up with a pretty reasonable spending allowance. If I can stick to that schedule in 2011, I’ll be in pretty good shape.

Quick Tip: If you guys don’t already use Mint for money management, I highly highly recommend it. It’s owned by Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax, and it is completely secure. You can import as many bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, etc as you’d like and see them all in one place. I set my budget through Mint, and the chart on my home page shows how well I’m doing each month and if I’m reaching the top of my budget too early. It’s also what helped me pick a better credit card and savings account to earn more money. I’ve been using it since 2007, and I wouldn’t use anything else.

4. Plan at least 3 homemade meals per week.

It’s no secret that cooking at home is often cheaper and healthier than eating at a restaurant or getting take-out. Over the last few months, I lapsed pretty hard in setting a weekly menu, which left me eating a few too many microwave dinners on super busy nights. This morning I organized all my cookbooks on some new kitchen shelving, and tomorrow I’m going to spend the morning flagging recipes I want to try. When the time comes to plan a meal, I can just reach for a book, flip to a flagged page, and yay there’s a recipe.

5. Organize myself for the holidays.

I completely forgot to send Christmas cards this year, and I really regret it. I’ve set up a system so that I can send cards for each birthday and major holiday and not flake out on it. Super important that I stick to this. I’m also going to take a lead from my mother and start buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas. In January? Yes. My mom already has at least 50% of this year’s Christmas shopping done. I’m not that ambitious, but I hope to have a few things picked out by springtime.

6. Drink more water.

Dur. I bought a water bottle holder for my purse so now I have no excuses. Water wherever I go. Always.


That seems like a pretty good list to kick things off. My Cold Season tea is done and it’s time to move on to TheraFlu, which may or may not knock me the eff out. I need a good night’s sleep to get ready for my first Tabata class early tomorrow! So excited.

Happy new year!



19 Oct

I didn’t write my recap post last night. Why? Photo money. I can’t bring myself to spend $80 on my race photos just yet. MarathonFoto, why u so expensive? Fail.

Anyway, I’m totally done recovering! Truthfully, I was just about done recovering 3 days after Chicago. I TAP DANCED three days after running. Tonight I’m kicking off my recharged drive to work out by attending my gym’s conditioning class again. Last time, this resulted in 2 days of sore muscles. Don’t care. I’m determined to a) look amazing for my part in the musical, and b) tone up so I can run faster and (hopefully!) break 2 hours in a half this spring.

In other fail news, I had originally planned on testing out a modified vegan diet (read: still okay with having milk/eggs/meat now and then) in order to get ready for my show. Yesterday was my first day of testing out the diet. It went great until I was driving home and I got the most intense craving for a steak and cheese sub. You better believe I got a small one and ate that sucker with a glass of wine. Don’t care. Delicious.

So right now I have one more race planned for 2010, and three planned for 2011 (Super Sunday, BAA 5k, Run to Remember… though none are open for registration yet). I need more, preferably in the Boston area. Travel fees are killin’ me. Suggestions?

More Power To Ya!

9 Jun

I love hearing motivation from strangers while running. I got fist pump and today’s blog title shouted to me nearing the end of my 3.5 miler. It definitely helped the last 0.1 :)

June has been all sorts of busy:

Saturday 6/5: Went to go see Conan O’Brien here in Boston. Oh man I can’t wait until his show is on TBS. The whole show was hilarious. Reggie Watts was the opener, and Dropkick Murphys came out and played a few songs with Conan. After that I went out with some friends until just a biiiiit too late.

Sunday 6/6: Birthday time! I’m 24 now. Eep. I missed my long run. Not too concerned!

Monday 6/7: I won a party at a local pub and spent most of my night having regrettable bar hot dogs and super large beers. And I wonder why my run on Tuesday sucked…

Tuesday 6/8: Hit snooze for 45 minutes because hell no I wasn’t getting up at 5am that day. Running? No thanks. That’s a lie; I packed my running things and did a sluggish 3 miles in the city. It just felt terrible. And can we talk about how awesome the Glee finale was last night? After the horrible Funk one that aired the other week, I’m so glad to see some decent writing back in play. Hopefully the second season will have a stronger plotline than the back 9 did this year.

Today 6/9: I finally signed up for my local running club! They do track/intervals/hills on Tuesday nights, and a 5K every Wednesday. This works well for two reasons: 1) I get to meet more local people/runners, which is never a bad thing, and 2) group evening runs = NOT GETTING UP AT 5AM ON THOSE DAYS. I’m a little excited about that, can you tell?

Tomorrow 6/10: My parents are taking me to a belated birthday dinner at one of my favorite Italian places. They have a dish called ‘zuppa di pesce‘ which is clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari and lobster over linguine. Hello there, delicious. It’s meant for two people, but it’s most definitely two “Italian” portions. Aka it’s a huge dish. My dad and I will definitely devour the whole thing anyway.

This Weekend 6/11-13: I’m heading up to Portsmouth with one of my friends to meet up with Big B and run the Market Square Day 10K! I’m really looking forward to this weekend.

Oh, and if you want to take a look at how I’m coming along with my marathon mileage, check out my Google Doc here.

Monday Brain Exchange

5 Apr

This week it’s all about races!

Question: Name your top 3 favorite events to date.  When were they and why are they your favorite?

This is an easy one for me! Although I’ve been running for a while, I’ve only ever completed two races.

1. Super Sunday 5K – February 1, 2009
This was my first-ever race, and my first 5K. I used the c25k program to prepare for it, and I was pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. I saw people warming up by running the whole course, and in my mind I remember being like “are you SERIOUS, I’m nervous about going around once and they’re warming up with it!” The thought of going further than 3.1 baffled me. And caused pain just thinking about it. I had to take a 10-15 second walk break a bit before mile 3, and I finished in 30:52; JUST under a 10 minute pace. And I was never happier. Little did I realize what would happen a year later…

2. Disney’s Princess Half Marathon – March 7, 2010
You can view my full race report here. The race atmosphere here was always buzzing, always positive, always excited. It took a lot of mental (and physical, duh) preparation to get ready for this. I decided on it pretty much on a whim, and took it as a personal challenge. What could I make my body do? Apparently, I can make my body finish 13.1 miles in 2:25:50 after horrible leg pains.

The future: I’m hoping to do 1-2 small races this summer before the big 26.2. It’ll be nice to have some small things to look forward to along the way.

Weekend Wrapup coming soon!