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Monday Brain Exchange: Week 7

10 May

Guh. Hello from sinus hell. Exciting and annoying weekend things to talk about… tomorrow. For now, brain exchange time!

Question: Do you listen to music when you work out?  When you race?  What are you top ten favorite songs to get pumped up to?

I listen to music… sometimes. It depends on a) my motivation, b) my mood, and c) if I remember to grab my iPod before hitting the road. I’ve been a forgetful fanny when it comes to taking my stuff out on the road with me lately. It’s no big deal. Well, it isn’t a big deal until I’m two miles in to a 5K tempo at 5:30am and I really need that extra motivation. Then I run to the gentle sounds of me cursing myself. Overall, I’ve found that I don’t need it. I’m actually really bad at updating my playlists. It wasn’t until late last year that I finally trimmed down my music library, eliminating all the random crap I acquired during college. Even now, I find myself running to slightly stale playlists because I just don’t remember to buy new songs. Oh, and I typically run with just one earbud in so I can hear what’s up around me.

When I race, it depends. If I’m with someone and it’s a short distance, I won’t bring music. If it’s a long distance, I’ll bring music whether or not I’m with someone else. Conversation works for a while, but at some point you may have to tune out the rest of the world and focus. I ran my half in March with music, but pulled out an earbud now and then since there was so much entertainment on the Disney grounds.

Top ten songs… ooh, this is a toughy. My top songs change like, every week. For now I’ll go with:

  1. The State of Massachusetts – Dropkick Murphys
  2. Everlong – Foo Fighters
  3. God’s Gonna Cut You Down – Johnny Cash
  4. U + Ur Hand – P!nk
  5. Untouched – The Veronicas
  6. Quixote – Bond (it starts off slow, but after 30 seconds, this song is auditory crack)
  7. The Pretender – Foo Fighters
  8. Major Tom – Shiny Toy Guns
  9. Come Down – Toad the Wet Sprocket
  10. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You* – Mulan Soundtrack
*Okay story time on this one: the day before my half in March, we were browsing around a store in Downtown Disney. This song came on and, no lie, I had to hold back some tears. It’s not like I’m a huge fan of the movie (I think maybe I saw it once), something about the song just hit me and I realized “oh my god I’m about to run my first half marathon.” It was an overall very moving moment for me. I went back to my hotel that night and immediately bought the song and added it to my race playlist. It actually started playing at a crucial time; mile 12, when my pace had slowed drastically due to muscle cramps. I will probably associate that song with that race for the rest of my life. And I’m okay with that.

We’ve only got 3 months to save the world

7 Dec

Okay, maybe not “save the world.” But there’s exactly 3 months until my race, and I have that song ‘4 Minutes’ by Madonna and J.Timbs stuck in my head. Love that song.

This weekend I took it pretty easy on the training:
• 20 minutes on the cross trainer
• 25 minutes on a recline bike
• 15 minutes strength training

• 4.5 miles- 44:09
• 9:48 average pace

Total HBBC points for the weekend: 10 (including 2 for fruits and veggies)

I definitely think that taking it easy helped my run yesterday. I ate a craptastic (but soooo delicious) breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast and hash, so my motivation to run was low and desire to become a potato in my bed was high. But I got to the gym, and lo and behold, they had Food Network on as one of the TV stations. Ahh! So I watched Paula Deen as I ran. I very often feel like having to exercise after watching her show… it’s like all the butter she uses passes through your TV and into your bloodstream. So that was a win-win. Oh Paula, I see you making that buttery, buttery English toffee. Excuse me, I’m going to turn up the intensity now.

I’ve started listening to some podcasts on my commute to work, and today I listened to my first episode of RunRunLive, a (shock!) running podcast. I listened to the 11/26 broadcast (it’s out once a week), and there was a great guest piece about product endorsements. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a Marketing Coordinator, so I squealed with delight at the merged discussion of running and corporate branding. Such a nerd, so not caring. The podcast is really great, though. It’s full of excellent information, a bit of music here and there, and insightful commentary. It’d make a great listening item for long run days.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!