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Three Things Thursday

13 May


I’ve made every effort to eliminate excess sugar from my diet. I take my coffee with milk only, I try to use stevia as sweetener (though I’m not a huge fan of its chemical aftertaste), and I limit sweets to a minimum. The only thing I haven’t fixed yet is not eating flavored yogurt… I have to get better at that. But it’s amazing to look at my food log and see how much sugar is in every day items! The bread I bought has 4g of sugar per slice. And I love fruit, which sends my sugar skyrocketing. My Trader Joe’s Green Plant juice? 25g per 8oz! Even the roasted vegetable lasagna I had yesterday had 7g of sugar. So even when I make stuff myself, so many base ingredients are built on sugar. What do you do to limit your sugar intake?


I get to have my magical massage today, and I could not be more excited for it. Last night I did intervals (on a treadmill, yuck) and I was really, really sore afterwards. I called off this morning’s run and I’m hoping to be able to do it tomorrow morning before any rain hits. 3 mile tempo… guh.


Have you guys ever seen the Exercises for Social Media Addicts?

I have this hanging up at my desk for fun, because I’d never be able to accomplish it! Part of my job involves periodically checking most of these sites. Maybe I’ll just throw all of them into a morning routine and call it my quota for the day ;)

Ok, my lavash wrap I had for lunch is sending me into a food coma. I think a hunt for caffeine will be in the works soon.


Spin Cycle

25 Nov


5:15am. I want to sleep. No, I have to go to the gym. I’m going out tonight. There will be no other time for me to go to the gym. But my bed is so warm… okay, I’m getting up.

It’s a good thing I have my alarm clock at the foot of my bed so I’m forced to at least sit up when I wake up. This morning was fairly difficult. It’s been grey, cold, and drizzly for the last few days, and I was craving the sanctity of my comforter for another 45 minutes. But a training schedule is a training schedule. It must be done. Besides, the half marathon starts at 6am and I have to get there at 4am. Might as well get used to it now and be adjusted come race day.

So I ate a banana, drove to the gym, and plopped down on a spin bike for 35 minutes. That’s by no means a long time (and probably much easier in comparison to the spin class that started around the same time as my arrival. But at 5:30am, that’s all I could muster (fortunately, it was also all my schedule called for today). I managed to get about 14 miles in during that time; a good, solid ride. And I felt pretty great afterwards, too. So from here on out, I’m going to try to do most of my training in the morning.

Please note that I said “try.” Don’t hold me to that.

In other news, I’m up to 11.7 points for the HBBC for this week. Shout out to my teammates Alisa, Genesis, and Lindsay (her blog link isn’t working :\).

Have any of you ever participated in non-race challenges before? If so, what was it, and what did you think of it? Did it motivate you to work harder?

Happy Wednesday!