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Three Things Thursday

25 Feb


Tonight I’m going to a networking event at Fenway Park! So excited. Last week I celebrated Spring Training with the pub crawl, now this. Don’t hate. I’m from Boston. Baseball is serious business.


Holy crap, the race is 10 days away. I leave for Florida a week from tomorrow. Aweeeeesome. I’m super excited to be meeting up with Running Diva Mom and others before the start. I think we’ll all need a little company and support at 4:45am. Sheesh, Disney!


I’ve been done with college for 6 months now. That means it’s time for… dun dun dunnnnnnn… student loans. Ugh yuck. They’ve totally eviscerated my monthly budget. But! I made the decision earlier this week to pay my smallest loan off in full! I’ll be applying what would have been my monthly payments to that loan and splitting the money evenly to all my other loan payments. Based on my current plan, I’ll have everything paid off in less than half the initially quoted time! Thank goodness I still live at home right now ;)

It’s almost Friday, heck yeah!


And now for something completely different

25 Jan

I have a life outside of running. WOAH. Someone mentioned in the comments a while back that I describe what I do at work. Sure thing!

My official title is Marketing and Accounts Coordinator. I recently got my awesome new business cards:

So what do I do here? A lot. One of the reasons why I’ve disappeared from my blog a bit more is because between the commute and my fairly busy days, not much time is left. And when I’m left with the choice between cooking a meal and blogging… well, you see what happens.

The marketing side of my job involves a lot of media work and event planning. I’m active on our company’s Twitter account and Facebook page, and I manage our internal and client newsletters. We have a public lounge space on Newbury St where I’m planning on holding lots of tech and art-related events. The accounts side is more administrative; handling our scheduling calendar, booking tech appointments, acting as project coordinator for some larger projects, etc. I wear many hats.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have this job, especially since I got it almost right out of college (just shy of 3 months after I graduated). I work for a wonderful company, and its already provided me with so many learning opportunities.

Here’s a little video I’m appearing in this week promoting one of our events (I come in at the 7:00 mark).

Running Stuff Here

My cold still rampages on. However, I was determined to do my long run this weekend. Here’s the stats:

Distance: 10 miles (!!! my first double-digit run!)
Time: 1:46:28
Splits: 10:34, 10:48, 11:39 (This mile was on a narrow, icy street where an old lady almost hit me with her car. Awesome.), 10:57, 10:36, 10:22, 10:11, 10:28, 10:33, 10:13

Aside from crazystreet where I almost got hit, I really loved my route. I felt pretty good for most of it, too- only two walk breaks for about 10-15 seconds each. The rest of the day was spent replenishing those burnt calories.

It wasn’t until about a half hour after my run that I was like “Woah, I just hit the double digits!” You’d think I would have thought of that during my run, but no. I found myself more sluggish when I thought of how much further I had to go, and was much more motivated when I thought of eating once done with my run. Hey, whatever works.

Happy Monday, everyone! And if winter is finally kicking your butt and you’re feeling under the weather, get better soon :)