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Seamless Transition

10 Dec

I’m locked out of my office right now, so what the heck? Blogtime.

Tonight there’s a class at my gym that I need (okay, not need… but really really want to and will regret it if I don’t) to take, and between the time I leave work and the time it starts, there isn’t really any time for me to stop by my house and change. Solutions:

  1. I could pack my gym clothes and leave them in my car. But then I’d still have to change at the gym, and I’m already short on time. Besides, those would be some super cold clothes (high of 30 in Boston today, whatup).
  2. Okay so I can’t change at the gym… so what if I packed everything and brought a bag with me to work and changed there? Plausible, but I really didn’t want to have to carry an entire change of clothes + sneakers.
  3. Combine work and gym clothes into one awesome outfit. Checkmate.

I got the idea from the lululemon Off The Mat blog challenge, where one woman works a few pairs of lulu pants into her professional and fitness wardrobe. It gave me a great start for today’s outfit.

Work to Gym

Not all the items are exactly what I’m wearing, but it gives you a good idea.

The Wunder Under pants are the base for work and gym. Right now, they act as leggings under my dress and later they’ll be workout pants in the gym. The Nike top is layered under my dress for a little more warmth, and allows me to really quickly transition into gym attire later. I have my athletic socks on in my boots, and my sneakers are in the trunk of my car. The only other thing I actually packed was my new Helly Hansen merino base layer. I got it on clearance at a running club event last night :) I figure it’s better to put that on post-workout rather than get my jacket all stanky.

I know a lot of you take the time to exercise during lunch at work, but does anyone regularly try to wear athletic but professonal-looking items to easily transition into a workout later?

Oh and yes, I finally made it into my office :)


Three (Four?) Things Thursday

18 Mar


Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. Guys. It’s going to be 71°F here. 71. Joy and bliss and all of that. Yes I said I was going to take a little break from running to work on strength and flexibility, but do I need to repeat the temperature once more? I am most definitely going for a run after work.


Maybe I’m weird for this, but I’m horrible at just getting into bed and going to sleep. More often than not, I’ll want to squeeze some last-minute reading or research on whatever I’m interested at that moment just before I sleep. This means using my laptop in bed. And very often, falling asleep in the middle of reading a sentence. However, sometimes my brain is so wired on a topic that I’m up until 11:30 or midnight. That time does not work well with my desired wake-up time of 5:30am for morning yoga and strength. So in addition to working on improving my base for running, I’m also going to create a sort of “calm and focus” time at night where no computers or anything are allowed.


The latest running seminar I attended on Monday night was all about nutrition for runners. Of course, I was glued to the presentation for the whole night. I love that stuff. After the presentation, I talked to the nutritionist about the cramping I had during the half. I told him that I had Powerade at pretty much every water stop, and was well hydrated, so I couldn’t understand why I was cramping so badly. His answer? Regular Gatorade and Powerade don’t have enough mid-run electrolytes to be effective! At least not for me.

So I’m going to get myself a giant tub of Gatorade Endurance (also used during the Chicago Marathon) and start using that. I’ve also picked up a few tubes of nuun’s new product, U- natural hydration. They’re just like regular nuun tablets; they dissolve in 16oz of water. But these ones are weaker than their normal tablets, and are designed for light or everyday activities: yoga, walking, etc. I picked up the Lemon Chai and Tangerine Ginger flavors and I loooove them! They’re a great way to give a little pep to your water.

shh I’m sneaking in a number FOUR

Attention all runners in the Greater Boston area: this Monday night starting at 7pm, the lululemon athletica store at the Burlington Mall will be hosting their last running seminar. They’ll also be giving away photos and issues of Runner’s World signed by Kara Goucher! This event is totally free, so what’s to lose?

Never Too Late To Learn

23 Feb

Last night I attended a running seminar held at a nearby Lululemon Athletica about running injuries and prevention. The class was led by a physical therapist, and went over the difference between muscles, tendons and ligaments, common runner injuries, and how to treat and prevent injuries from happening. I’m a huge nerd and read and read and read about a topic until I either a) am really comfortable with it, or b) I get bored. So I’ve read a lot about running and injuries… heck, I’ve had enough injuries from my dancing days, I just might have hit each muscle group. I was familiar with a good amount of topics, but there was a good amount thrown in that I wasn’t aware of before.

Shin splints: did you know these aren’t caused by the muscle in your shin, but a muscle deep in the calf called the ‘soleus?’

If the soleus is too tight, it can pull back on the bone and cause pain out front. One way to stretch out the soleus is to do a form of a regular calf stretch, but bending the knee at least 30°.

I’ve done this stretch before this class, not knowing what its real purpose was, and thought it was stupid. I couldn’t feel a stretching in my calf, so I stopped doing it. But the stretch goes a lot deeper than a regular wall stretch, and I’m pretty sure a tight soleus is one of the causes of my crazy foot pain the other week.

The physical therapist also went over IT band issues. Since mine is acting up a bit, I was all like HOORAY! She did some foam roller demos, as well as a couple standing/floor leaning stretches.

Overall, I enjoyed the class. Many of the attendees were just starting out (after the seminar series is over, the group is starting a running club that’ll build up to a 5K), but the info was useful to beginners and veterans alike. One of the seminar organizers even had some questions, and she was a highly seasoned runner.

Hey hey hey listen

The YouBar Giveaway ends tomorrow night! Get yo entries in!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I’m going to get back to enjoying my Alphabet Juice (apples, beets and carrots). Yum!