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Three Things Thursday

25 Mar


We’re sub-200 days until the marathon. Woohoo! My training (and pre-training) plan is all laid out, I just have to get back in to the mentality and stride of exercising almost every day again. I think I rode out my recovery time too much! :) Things I’m going to try to do to make the transition back in to running easier:

  • Pack my lunch at night instead of rushing to do it in the morning (I sometimes make bad food choices because of that rush)
  • Pack my duffel bag at night if I’m running at work the next day
  • Lay out my clothes if I’m running or going to the gym in the morning
  • Create a checklist of stretches and strength exercises to do so I don’t feel lost and throw in the towel

Any other tips? Let me know, please :)


I did a lunchrun to go along with my lunchblog today! It was approximately 2.5 miles and I have no idea what my pace was (no technology with me again). I had a rough time. 2.5 miles and I had a rough time. Sheesh. Definitely a motivator to amp up the cross and strength training.


Speaking of motivation, I have a new motivational “poster” to get me going:

Autographed photo of Kara Goucher <3. I also have a copy of Runner’s World she signed, but since the background is dark it’s hard to see the signature. Also, can I have her muscles please and thank you?

Ok now get back to work! :)


Three (Four?) Things Thursday

18 Mar


Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. Guys. It’s going to be 71°F here. 71. Joy and bliss and all of that. Yes I said I was going to take a little break from running to work on strength and flexibility, but do I need to repeat the temperature once more? I am most definitely going for a run after work.


Maybe I’m weird for this, but I’m horrible at just getting into bed and going to sleep. More often than not, I’ll want to squeeze some last-minute reading or research on whatever I’m interested at that moment just before I sleep. This means using my laptop in bed. And very often, falling asleep in the middle of reading a sentence. However, sometimes my brain is so wired on a topic that I’m up until 11:30 or midnight. That time does not work well with my desired wake-up time of 5:30am for morning yoga and strength. So in addition to working on improving my base for running, I’m also going to create a sort of “calm and focus” time at night where no computers or anything are allowed.


The latest running seminar I attended on Monday night was all about nutrition for runners. Of course, I was glued to the presentation for the whole night. I love that stuff. After the presentation, I talked to the nutritionist about the cramping I had during the half. I told him that I had Powerade at pretty much every water stop, and was well hydrated, so I couldn’t understand why I was cramping so badly. His answer? Regular Gatorade and Powerade don’t have enough mid-run electrolytes to be effective! At least not for me.

So I’m going to get myself a giant tub of Gatorade Endurance (also used during the Chicago Marathon) and start using that. I’ve also picked up a few tubes of nuun’s new product, U- natural hydration. They’re just like regular nuun tablets; they dissolve in 16oz of water. But these ones are weaker than their normal tablets, and are designed for light or everyday activities: yoga, walking, etc. I picked up the Lemon Chai and Tangerine Ginger flavors and I loooove them! They’re a great way to give a little pep to your water.

shh I’m sneaking in a number FOUR

Attention all runners in the Greater Boston area: this Monday night starting at 7pm, the lululemon athletica store at the Burlington Mall will be hosting their last running seminar. They’ll also be giving away photos and issues of Runner’s World signed by Kara Goucher! This event is totally free, so what’s to lose?