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Training: Back to Day 1

1 Jun

To be honest, I thought Day 1 wasn’t going to happen today. I was woken up by torrential downpours, bright lightning, and booming thunder around 4am. At that point I was like “well, I might as well still get up at 5 and at least do some strength training or yoga downstairs.” I semi-fell back to sleep, and when I woke up again at 5 I noticed how silent it was outside. I peered out the window, and the rain had completely stopped, and the ground was drying. Well now. It looks like I was meant to run today after all.

I geared up (with my items laid out the night before, woo!) and made my way outside for intervals. Just before I began running, I noticed an animal about 100ft away walking towards another house’s yard. After a few seconds I realized it was a deer :) So cute! Also, so bizarre because I live right off of a main street… deer, what are you doing near my house?

The air was thick and warm from the rain, which made for a totally comfortable run. Right. I huffed and puffed my way through my warm-up, and basically ran through the pain of my intervals. It was disgusting outside and I was absolutely convinced that I had run the worst intervals ever.

0.75mi warm-up: 6:56
6×400: 1:55, 1:51, 2:01, 1:56, 2:01, 1:52 (intervals 1, 3 and 5 were all on a slight incline upwards)
1min walk in between (~.35 miles total)
0.4mi cool-down: 4:00

Woah woah woah. I felt exhausted, and 4 out of 6 intervals were under 2 minutes (and the other two only 2 seconds away from that). Previously, my best 400 time was 1:57, and I beat that four times over. I can’t tell you how awesome I feel about that. What an awesome way to kick off Day 1 :) Oh, and I totally pulled a Yasmin and ate a cookie for my pre-run snack ;)

Feeeeeelin’ goooooood.


Three Things Thursday

13 May


I’ve made every effort to eliminate excess sugar from my diet. I take my coffee with milk only, I try to use stevia as sweetener (though I’m not a huge fan of its chemical aftertaste), and I limit sweets to a minimum. The only thing I haven’t fixed yet is not eating flavored yogurt… I have to get better at that. But it’s amazing to look at my food log and see how much sugar is in every day items! The bread I bought has 4g of sugar per slice. And I love fruit, which sends my sugar skyrocketing. My Trader Joe’s Green Plant juice? 25g per 8oz! Even the roasted vegetable lasagna I had yesterday had 7g of sugar. So even when I make stuff myself, so many base ingredients are built on sugar. What do you do to limit your sugar intake?


I get to have my magical massage today, and I could not be more excited for it. Last night I did intervals (on a treadmill, yuck) and I was really, really sore afterwards. I called off this morning’s run and I’m hoping to be able to do it tomorrow morning before any rain hits. 3 mile tempo… guh.


Have you guys ever seen the Exercises for Social Media Addicts?

I have this hanging up at my desk for fun, because I’d never be able to accomplish it! Part of my job involves periodically checking most of these sites. Maybe I’ll just throw all of them into a morning routine and call it my quota for the day ;)

Ok, my lavash wrap I had for lunch is sending me into a food coma. I think a hunt for caffeine will be in the works soon.


4 May

Hello there, traffic spike yesterday! Not sure where you all came from, but hello!

This weekend in NYC was… interesting. That whole Times Square bomb scare thing? It happened at 45th and Broadway, and I was hanging around at 46th and Broadway. At first, I thought the police barricades were still up as part of that morning’s Revlon Run/Walk for Women, and I almost crossed over to get to a store I wanted to go to… yeah the police really didn’t like that too much. I took a few photos using my good camera, but in the meantime here’s a photo I took with my cell phone:

The show I was seeing was on 46th, and by the time we got out of there a bit before 11pm, Times Square had been blocked off entirely. At that time, we still had no knowledge about what was going on. It wasn’t until the next morning that I really got all of the details (my phone died while I was in the theatre).

Anyway, we’re fine and the failed bomber has been captured. Jerk.

Although I didn’t get a run in this weekend, I walked at least 8 miles around the city and did an hour of yoga on Sunday evening. This morning was part one of my intervals… hopefully part two will still happen (booo thunderstorms!).

Photos and run stats later today… it’s time to eat!

Slow Friday

30 Apr

It’s one of those days… it’s in the mid-60°s, phones are silent, and most of the weekly work is done. There was also very little traffic into the city today. People are definitely already in weekend mode!

On my way home from work, I stopped off at the Marathon Sports near me and picked up a new pair of sneakers… my Sauconys are approaching the 300 mile point, so I’m going to start alternating and hopefully wear my new shoes for Chicago. I’m increasingly curious about lightweight shoes, so I bought some Nike Free 5.0 v4. So far, I am in love. They aren’t bulky at all, and I’m a sucker for their design accents like the off-center laces. Love love love.

Unable to resist the call of new shoes, I set out for another 2×400, which soon became 4×400. I didn’t want to stop, but I knew that I needed to take it easy in shoes with less support. Maybe it was that crazy huge lunch I had, or the thrill of new sneakers, or both… but I ran negative splits!

Splits: 2:14, 2:09, 2:03, 1:55

For reals?! Yeah. And my heart rate only peaked at 194. I just want to run and run and run and have I mentioned that so far I love my Frees?

Last night I also decided to try out a recipe I made up earlier this week: Spinach and Artichoke Pasta Bake. So easy, you don’t even know.

Spinach and Artichoke Pasta Bake

10oz frozen spinach
14oz canned artichokes in brine
1 1/4c part-skim ricotta
1lb medium pasta (I used Barilla Plus penne)
1/4-1/2c low fat milk (varies based on how thick/thin you want the sauce)
garlic powder, salt, and black pepper
1/2c shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2c parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Get a pot of water on the stove, and defrost the spinach.

While the pasta boils, squeeze water out of the spinach and chop the artichokes into small pieces. Place spinach and artichokes into a bowl along with the ricotta cheese. Stir and add 1/4c milk and seasonings to taste. When the pasta is done, drain and add to the mixture. Toss to coat, adding more milk if needed.

Pour into a 9×13 baking dish and top with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until the cheese on top is bubbly and a bit browned.

Nutritional Info per Serving (serves 8)
Calories: 321
Total Fat: 8g (lots less if you eliminate some of the topping cheeses)
Cholesterol: 26mg
Sodium: 424mg
Total Carbohydrates: 41.2g
Dietary Fiber: 4.83g
Sugars: 4g
Protein: 16.18g

Overall, it has a pretty ideal balance of 55% carbs, 22% protein, and 23% fats. Sure, some of the fats are saturated from the cheese but shhhhh. It tastes very, very much like creamy spinach and artichoke dip, and it’s filling without being heavy. If you try it, let me know what you think!

I’m off to a short trip to NYC tomorrow. Have a fab weekend :)

Three Things Thursday

29 Apr


I reintroduced intervals to my regiment this morning! Starting things off lightly:

.75 mi warm up jog @ 9:30
2×400 (Split 1: 2:00, Split 2: 1:57)
.75 mi cool down @ 9:26

Aw yeah, my strength is coming BACK! I figure that I’ll increase the intervals each week and slowly add in some 800s and 1600s. I’m feeling so good, I may do another 2×400 tonight.


I signed up for a local 3.5 miler in May… and I’m doing it with my mom! You have to understand, my mom is not the most active person. And ever since I moved home after college, I’m trying to rope her in to creating a healthier lifestyle along with me. I already have her onto healthy snacks and we’ve gotten rid of most of the overprocessed crap that once sat on our shelves (she looooves Trader Joe’s now). But the active thing has always been a barrier. I told her about the race, and she sort of ignored me. I talked to her the next morning and she set her mind on an outright “no, I can’t do it yet…” I told her that I wasn’t expecting her to run, and I’d walk with her… she’d just have to keep up! I walk pretty durn quickly. Finally, she said okay. YAY! I’m hoping that she’ll feel so great after it that she’ll want to keep that activity level going.


Just look at my lunch today. LOOK AT IT. Salmon, broccoli, veggie & shrimp tempura, Cali roll, and rice. Keyboard shown for size comparison.

I ate it all. Including the miso soup not pictured because I ate it before I even took a picture. Oh my belly is going to burst. Those post-work intervals are looking more appealing than ever.