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More Power To Ya!

9 Jun

I love hearing motivation from strangers while running. I got fist pump and today’s blog title shouted to me nearing the end of my 3.5 miler. It definitely helped the last 0.1 :)

June has been all sorts of busy:

Saturday 6/5: Went to go see Conan O’Brien here in Boston. Oh man I can’t wait until his show is on TBS. The whole show was hilarious. Reggie Watts was the opener, and Dropkick Murphys came out and played a few songs with Conan. After that I went out with some friends until just a biiiiit too late.

Sunday 6/6: Birthday time! I’m 24 now. Eep. I missed my long run. Not too concerned!

Monday 6/7: I won a party at a local pub and spent most of my night having regrettable bar hot dogs and super large beers. And I wonder why my run on Tuesday sucked…

Tuesday 6/8: Hit snooze for 45 minutes because hell no I wasn’t getting up at 5am that day. Running? No thanks. That’s a lie; I packed my running things and did a sluggish 3 miles in the city. It just felt terrible. And can we talk about how awesome the Glee finale was last night? After the horrible Funk one that aired the other week, I’m so glad to see some decent writing back in play. Hopefully the second season will have a stronger plotline than the back 9 did this year.

Today 6/9: I finally signed up for my local running club! They do track/intervals/hills on Tuesday nights, and a 5K every Wednesday. This works well for two reasons: 1) I get to meet more local people/runners, which is never a bad thing, and 2) group evening runs = NOT GETTING UP AT 5AM ON THOSE DAYS. I’m a little excited about that, can you tell?

Tomorrow 6/10: My parents are taking me to a belated birthday dinner at one of my favorite Italian places. They have a dish called ‘zuppa di pesce‘ which is clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, calamari and lobsterĀ over linguine. Hello there, delicious. It’s meant for two people, but it’s most definitely two “Italian” portions. Aka it’s a huge dish. My dad and I will definitely devour the whole thing anyway.

This Weekend 6/11-13: I’m heading up to Portsmouth with one of my friends to meet up with Big B and run the Market Square Day 10K! I’m really looking forward to this weekend.

Oh, and if you want to take a look at how I’m coming along with my marathon mileage, check out my Google Doc here.


Odd Thoughts

13 Dec

This week at work was crazy, so my blogtime decreased drastically. Getting up at 5am and getting home at 6pm (often later) totally drained me. I even skipped my cross training yesterday to rest some more. Ugh. Gotta do my 5 miles today, though.

So today’s post is dedicated to random things I’ve thought about over the week, but aren’t thorough enough to have a full post dedicated to them. Here we gooooo:

  1. Almost every day, I get off the subway at the Prudential Center in Boston. There are three sets of stairs/escalators you need to climb in order to reach the main mall level. It amazes me how often I’ll see people lined up waiting to get on the escalator while the stairs directly next to them are empty. Wake yourself up, get your heart pumping a bit and take the stairs.
  2. Sometimes I like to do sudoku puzzles on my commute. I’m not a huge sudoku fan, but they’re fun time wasters. I also like them because I’m somewhat synesthetic and I interpret numbers to be certain colors. So when I play, I can easily notice which “color” is missing from a line or block and fill it in. Side note: as a kid, my favorite time of day was always 7:45 because it was purple, pink, and red. I thought this was totally normal until a few years ago, and now I think it’s both normal and awesome.
  3. There’s a proposal out to redesign food labels, which I am totally loving. I really hope this comes into effect in the next few years. View a full comparative PDF here.
  4. The next episode of Glee is exactly 4 months away. I am so sad about this, you don’t even know. I’ve had Lea Michele’s rendition of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ stuck in my head since Wednesday. And I’m not a Barbara fan. Go Glee.
  5. I love meeting other runners at parties and events. You end up sharing such great stories and tips. There’s such a great bond between people who are crazy enough to run for extended periods of time.

At this point I think I’m just procrastinating my own run, so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.