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The Most Harmful Drinks in America

25 May

It’s no secret that a lot of our readily-available foods in this country are laden with fats, preservatives, and an excessive amount of sugar. But what, exactly, does all that sugar look like? This morning I came across a blog post that highlights the 20 worst beverages in the country, accompanied by photos of their sugar-equivalent foods. Here are just a few of the offenders:

#20: Worst Water

Ok seriously, worst water? Water? You can have 2 Good Humor chocolate eclair bars and have the same amount of sugar in that bottle. Suddenly, plain water seems 100% more appealing than “antioxidant” water.

#14: Worst Kids’ Drink

This is particularly gross to me since I used to love Tropicana Twister when I was younger. The sugar here (60g in 1 bottle) is the same as having two cans of Reddi Whip whipped cream. Oh, and this juice is only 10% juice. The rest is basically water and sugar. Hooray!

#12: Worst Juice Imposter

Who didn’t love these 99¢ cans of Arizona? And who didn’t drink the whole thing right then and there because hey, it’s in a can so you can’t really save it! Think before you pick up a can like this again… one can of Arizona Kiwi Strawberry packs 81g of sugar; the same as 7 bowls of Froot Loops. I personally can’t even make it through one bowl of Froot Loops. Brb gonna be sick.

#11: Worst Espresso Drink

Ah, the peppermint mocha: a staple of the holiday season. Beware the white chocolate, though. I used to work at Starbucks years ago, and the white chocolate mocha syrup really is a thing to be afraid of. The venti white chocolate version of this staple gives you 660 calories and 95g of sugar; the same as 8.5 scoops of Edy’s Slow Churned Rich and Creamy Coffee Ice Cream. 8.5 SCOOPS. There is so much wrong with that, I can’t even. (Can anyone even eat 8.5 scoops of ice cream and not wish for death afterwards?)

I won’t spoil the top 10 for you… just go ahead and read for yourself. And give your water bottle a hug.


Busy Busy Bee

14 Nov

Hi blogworld. I’ve missed you. I worked 30 hours over the last 3 days, standing for about 29 of those 30 hours. Then I had plans each night after work, leaving me scrapped for time. Egad. So I’m spending most of this gross, rainy Saturday on my couch. And believe me, I’m totally okay with it.

I hopped back on the treadmill Thursday night after taking a break Monday-Wednesday. My foot is still bruised, but feeling much better. 2.5 miles in 24 minutes. There’s a 3.5 miler scheduled for tomorrow and some cardio work today. I’ll do the cardio work… just not right now (I promise, I’ll do it!).

I missed reading all your posts this week, too. I opened up my reader this morning to 60+ new posts. Gah! Marlene at Mission to a(nother) Marathon linked to a post by RunToTheFinish called the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. Here are the rules:

1 Point per mile (run/walk/snowshoe)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 30 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, aerobics elliptical)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

It kicks off Nov 23 and ends Jan 8, be sure to sign up!

Last night was great, I got to see a friend of mine that will be across the country for the next 6 months working at a ski resort. Yeahhhh tough life, right? We made an impromptu trip to Sonic at 1am, which never ends well. My body is totally hating on me for eating that food, but it was SO GOOD at the time.

In other non-running news, I begin my new job on Monday! I’m very excited to have a consistent daily schedule, I feel like it’ll be so much easier to plan out the rest of my week outside of work. Since I’m working on Newbury St, I’m going to see how possible it is to go out for a run during my lunch break. The Commonwealth Ave mall is like rightthere, and the Boston Gardens are a short distance away. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the warmer months, and being able to make that run/jog regularly. Okay I guess that turned into running news. But that’s what you’re here for, right? ;)

I’m going to start using my Mr Bento for my lunches at work. If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s this super adorable thermos container with four mini containers inside. There’s one for a main dish, one for soup, and two smaller ones for snacks and sides. It’s a perfect portioning device. There’s even an entire Flickr pool dedicated to the meals people make for their bentos. I don’t have the time or patience to actually arrange my food bento style, but it’s fun to look at.

Alright, I’m going to catch up with all of you in the ol’ feed reader. I’d better see some good reports in there!

EDIT- I just came across this in my feed, and um, I think I may be in love. Pasta with Butternut Parmesan Sauce. Brb, dreaming of this dish.