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Market Square Day 10K Race Report

17 Jun

Sad to say I have no photos right now. I’m not even sure if the course had official photographers? Oh well!

I’ve had so little desire to write lately. Due to a new job in the family, I’ve been leaving my house before 7am, getting home around 5:30-6, running after work, and promptly having no desire to do… well, anything at all. I’ve actually been hitting snooze in the morning, which hardly ever happens.

Anyway, back to this weekend’s race!

I drove up with one of my friends on Friday night, and we spent the night at B’s apartment. We got up the next morning at 7am, got our numbers, and chomped down some amazing bagels from a nearby coffee shop. There were around 2,000 runners, so Market Square was quickly filling up behind the starting line. We killed the extra time before the race back at B’s apartment, and went down about 10 minutes before gunfire.

As we approached I told myself “don’t get caught up in the excitement, and don’t try to pass anyone in the first mile.” I repeated that over and over then BOOM we were off. About half a mile in I did start to pass people… but they were walking! Either they REALLY burnt out quickly, or they were walkers that decided not to go to the back of the start for whatever reason. If it’s the latter… come on guys, race etiquette. At least move to the sides of the road.

My friends zoomed off ahead of me and I got into the groove of my music. Side note: don’t you just love it when certain songs come on at just the right time? I kept glancing down at my Garmin, trying to maintain somewhere around a 10:00 pace. I hadn’t done a run longer than 4 miles in a while, so I decided to play it safe.

My first walk break came at a water station in mile 4. I actually brought my own water bottle filled with Gatorade Endurance, knowing that I needed the extra sodium. Even with the Gatorade, I felt a cramp in my foot around 4.5 miles. It slowed me down just enough that I ended up missing my goal time by 26 seconds. Ugh. Oh well, easier to PR next time.

Oh, and this course felt like it was TOTALLY UPHILL. Honestly, now. I think the downhills were gradual enough that they felt flat, then next thing you know you’re running uphill again. There was one last decent-sized hill in the last .2, ending on a wonderful downhill.

My final time: 1:02:26. I really wanted to get sub-1:02.

HOWEVER. The tangents I took brought my distance to 6.25mi, meaning that my average pace was 9:59. hahahaha yes! Victory.

9:55, 9:57, 10:08, 10:30 (cramp), 9:56, 9:48, 2:10 (.25mi)

The rest of the weekend was basically spent eating and sleeping. It was one friend’s first time in a timed race, and he was just chowing down everything. We made fun of him relentlessly. All in all a fantastic weekend.

Other new news: I started with my new running group, and I start personal training next week. Hello, more things to write about! If my desire to write regularly returns. Oye.



11 May

Okay I know this sounds super dramatic but whatever, I feel SO amazing today. After a rainy, cold, and windy weekend with sinus problems that could take down a yeti, I cannot even describe how spectacular I feel.


The first week of each month, my gym does a special Zumba class that focuses on one popular song and everyone learns the official music video dance to that song. This week it was ‘Single Ladies’ and I love me some Bob Fosse, so I was all geared up for it. Wouldn’t you know it, 5 minutes in my right foot cramps up. So we meet again, muscle cramp. Determined not to have to leave, I kicked off my shoes and tried to work out the knot as I learned the steps. The pain finally went away, but the knot remains full force in my foot. 4 days of solid pain. Ugh. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment this week to see my magical massage therapist that got rid of my IT band pain.


I spent most of the day indoors :( There were thunderstorms all morning, so I used the time to get some housework done. That night, my parents and I took my grandmother out for a Mother’s Day Eve dinner. Mushroom risotto <3


Much to my mother’s dismay, I signed us up for a local Mother’s Day 3.5 miler. I’ve been getting her to walk around the block most afternoons (there’s a good 1 mile loop), so I wanted her to walk this… and I walked with her. Let me tell you, I sort of wish I had been running… it was frickin’ cold. There was one person in a full-on winter jacket with fur hood. I only had on yoga pants, a long-sleeved top, and the cotton t-shirt we were given. COOOOOOOLD. We stayed in the car for as long as we could, then joined the crowd at the start… wherever the official start line was.

There were a lot of hills on the course, something my mom wasn’t a big fan of. But she kept about a 17 minute pace most of the time. I even got her to run twice! She had two goals for the race: 1) don’t be last, and 2) come in under 1 hour 15 minutes.

As we were approaching the finish, the clock appeared over the top of the last hill: 59:30. I told my mom and got her to start running to the end. She came in at 1:00:01! Just one second over an hour! I told her that next year she’d be running it ;)


I woke up with a headache that knocked me back out until 6am (I wake up at 5am). Goodbye, morning strength workout. I debated not going to work, felt a little better, and decided to tough it out. BAD IDEA. The train was hotter than usual (or maybe it was just my body temp) but I felt worse than I did when I woke up. I pushed through about half a day in the office, then went home, finished some work from bed, popped a migraine pill, and took a quick nap.

…which brings us back to the beginning of this post. I think that extra rest yesterday did wonders because I feel like I could solve any problem ever today. Okay maybe not, but I can definitely finish some reports, yeah?

A Surprising Pace and Discovery

2 Apr

Still having a lot to do at work, I opted to do my run after work instead of at lunch (I didn’t get to lunch until 2, so I would have burnt out horribly). Oh man, I’m glad I waited. I did a lakerun 5K and even though the wind was TOTALLY working against me I made great time:

Distance: 3.15 miles
Time: 30:28
Pace: 9:40

Considering I intended on taking it easy and keeping my pace around 10 minutes, I’m pretty pleased! And although I didn’t have a PR, I FELT a lot better than when I PRed with my tough running group back in January. I’ll give this 5K a Personal Best ;)

Of course, I had a cramp in my left foot when I finished. This time the muscle was actually twitching, so I knew it was a sodium issue. When I got home and got ready to shower, I must have wiped my mouth across my arm or something but HOLY CRAP. Is that sweat on me, or ocean water? Maybe I need to eat something crazy salty a short time before running, because it seems like it’s all leaving my body while I run. Good thing I’m in pre-training mode right now. I’ll use this time to start experimenting with more cramping solutions… Gatorade Endurance, salt packets, Shot Bloks while running any distance, etc.

In other news, two of my coworkers are making breakfast for the office today! We have a full kitchen (we’re in an old apartment), so we’re having pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Then I get a free lunch at a nearby restaurant! Add in the amazing 70° weather, and it’s going to be a fabulous Friday!

Three Things Thursday

1 Apr


It’s April! I don’t have anything planned for today… aside from an awesome run IF THE SUN EVER DECIDES TO COME OUT. Very funny, nature. I forgot my knee brace today, so I’m hoping I don’t run in to any problems. Slow and steady!


Last night I had the Return of the Horrible Foot Cramps. I think I need a salt lick or something in order to get the right amount of salt to prevent cramping. I went to my gym to take an abs class, then Zumba. Before the end of the 15 minute abs class, the cramps kicked in. What. The. Heck. Whatever, stretchstretchstretch okay bring on the dancing OH HEY THERE PAIN AND CRAMPING. I stuck it out for most of the class, but had to leave 15 minutes early. What’s the use in staying in a class when you can’t properly do the moves?

So I went home, ate pasta with olives (whatup, salt), and this morning did a wake-up yoga routine. Cramps still there. Seriously now, what? I’m starting to think I should go see my doctor about this problem.


Blogging advice needed! I’ve been a slacker lately. I forgot to post my virtual race report for Tall Mom’s Race for the Cure :( And I’ve just skipped days at a time. I know many of you have specific things to talk about on certain days (like Three Things Thursday today), but what about every other day? Do you plan out topics for the week? Or do you just write as something comes to you? Do you write ahead of time and schedule your posts for later? So many questions! Thanks in advance :)

PS- Exactly two months left before my marathon training officially starts. No joke here! Bring it onnnnn, pre-training.

Muscle Cramps!

16 Feb

It’s a bit of my own fault, really… this past Sunday’s long run was my first outdoor run in about 3 weeks. My pace was also averaging at 10:09 when it’s been upwards of 10:30-10:40 in the past. And I did strength training the day before. And I’d been sick for half the week and my fluid intake wasn’t the best.

Okay, so it’s really all my fault.

I went out for a 10 mile run, and was feeling REALLY great about my pace. I kept actively slowing myself down because I’d look at my watch, realize I was running about 9:30 and back off so I didn’t burn out. My route this time was 3 times around the lake near me- taking the long path around was just about 3.33 miles. After each lap I’d stop at my car, take a drink and pop a few GU Chomps. I didn’t want to take my hydration belt with me, so lapping worked great.

After my second lap, my left knee was feeling a little weird. Not really in pain, just weird. I also had a twinge of a muscle cramp in my left foot, but I worked it out a bit and kept going. I’ve had weird muscle spasms in my feet since I was little, probably because my dance studio put me in pointe shoes at age 9.

mmm, this is healthy for young feet/legs

I set off again, and when mile 7 arrived, the cramp worsened. Ugh. Stretchstretchstretch aaaand run again. 0.10 miles later, PAIN. Yep, that was it, I threw in the towel. I turned around and started heading back to my car, only able to walk around 20 feet before having to stop and stretch again. I couldn’t flex my foot- that caused it to cramp. But I also couldn’t point it because it cramped the other way! Lose-lose situation, here. Next thing I know, BOTH FEET CRAMP UP.

Can I just tell you how embarrassing it is to be limping back to your car, stopping to stretch every 10 seconds on a high-traffic street. It’s so awesome.

It took me about 10 minutes to walk back, where I promptly stretched my legs as much as possible, guzzled my Gatorade, and prayed to Vishnu that I wouldn’t cramp up on the drive home.

The resulting numbers:
Distance: 7.16 miles
Time: 1:12:40
Splits: 10:00, 10:07, 10:19, 9:54, 10:18, 10:16, 10:08… and 1:35 ;)

All in all, some really fantastic numbers for me on a long run- a personal best! I was mostly upset by how fantastic the rest of me felt, but I couldn’t go on because of the cramping. It’s like I practically have an IV attached to me now I’m downing so much water. This won’t happen again… not with 19 days remaining. I’m also going to increase my salt intake pre-run and eat the same foods I’ll eat on race day (I’ve technically already been doing this, but not very strictly).

Do you guys have any cramp-busters you swear by? Any hidden techniques for preventing spasms?

Catch ya on the flip side!