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So Fresh and So Clean

1 Jan

A new year, a clean start. In general, I don’t believe in “resolutions” because if something is important to you, you should start trying to make the change immediately. A new year ain’t nothin’ but a number. However, I do like trying to set measurable goals over a set amount of time. Most of my goals are things I’ve already been working on, but now it’s time to up the ante and boost them to goal status.

So what are my goals for this year?

1. Run in at least 12 races in 2011.

I have already signed up for 7 races through the end of June, so I figure what’s 5 more in the last 6 months? Right now I’m signed up for 3 5Ks, 2 10Ks, a 5 miler, and a half marathon. Woop woop. The first race is just over a month from now, and it’s the very first 5K I ever ran. I really want to obliterate my PR.

2. Get to the gym at least 4 times per week.*

An asterisk? Already? Yep, gotta be realistic. Right now, I have a fitness plan that involves me going to the gym 6 times a week and includes two yoga classes (new yoga mat and tank <3 ), two muscle classes, an interval class, and time on my own. Ambitious? Yes. That’s why my goal is to regularly hit 4 out of those 6 days. Ideally I’d be able to go to every class all the time. But muscles get sore, late nights happen, social events pop up, and sickness happens. I’m not going to beat myself up if something comes up and I miss a day and only make it 2-3 times one week. Heck, I didn’t do a lick of fitness today because I have quite the cold.

Chugging Cold Season tea and green juice. Hidden: my totally hot BreatheRight strip on my nose.


3. Stick to my monthly budget like a pro.

I recently revised my monthly budget, putting even more money towards paying off the money-hungry student loan monster. I moved some numbers and came up with a pretty reasonable spending allowance. If I can stick to that schedule in 2011, I’ll be in pretty good shape.

Quick Tip: If you guys don’t already use Mint for money management, I highly highly recommend it. It’s owned by Intuit, the makers of Turbo Tax, and it is completely secure. You can import as many bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, etc as you’d like and see them all in one place. I set my budget through Mint, and the chart on my home page shows how well I’m doing each month and if I’m reaching the top of my budget too early. It’s also what helped me pick a better credit card and savings account to earn more money. I’ve been using it since 2007, and I wouldn’t use anything else.

4. Plan at least 3 homemade meals per week.

It’s no secret that cooking at home is often cheaper and healthier than eating at a restaurant or getting take-out. Over the last few months, I lapsed pretty hard in setting a weekly menu, which left me eating a few too many microwave dinners on super busy nights. This morning I organized all my cookbooks on some new kitchen shelving, and tomorrow I’m going to spend the morning flagging recipes I want to try. When the time comes to plan a meal, I can just reach for a book, flip to a flagged page, and yay there’s a recipe.

5. Organize myself for the holidays.

I completely forgot to send Christmas cards this year, and I really regret it. I’ve set up a system so that I can send cards for each birthday and major holiday and not flake out on it. Super important that I stick to this. I’m also going to take a lead from my mother and start buying gifts for birthdays and Christmas. In January? Yes. My mom already has at least 50% of this year’s Christmas shopping done. I’m not that ambitious, but I hope to have a few things picked out by springtime.

6. Drink more water.

Dur. I bought a water bottle holder for my purse so now I have no excuses. Water wherever I go. Always.


That seems like a pretty good list to kick things off. My Cold Season tea is done and it’s time to move on to TheraFlu, which may or may not knock me the eff out. I need a good night’s sleep to get ready for my first Tabata class early tomorrow! So excited.

Happy new year!



Ill Will

20 Jan

So winter may have finally caught up to me and handed me my first cold in a long time. It’s not that bad, but I’m definitely feeling worn out and congested. I gave my hand at doing some speed work this morning. It simultaneously felt good and bad, if that makes any sense. Like, I felt pretty comfortable at my speed pace but very fatigued also. Hard to explain. I tried my hand on the elliptical instead, but to no avail. Alas, I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully with more sleep, too.

On an unrelated note, I’ve started thinking about what gear to bring/wear during my race. I have a throwaway hat and gloves already, and I’ll be getting a cheap fleece (Disney actually collects and washes all the throwaway clothes, then donates them to a charity. Yay!). I’m undecided about wearing a tank vs. a t-shirt, and shorts vs. crops. The race kicks off at 6am, but I have to be at the start no later than 4am. It’ll be somewhere in the 50s at that point, and probably climb into the high 60s/low 70s by the end of the race. I would do trial and error of gear on my own, but it’s a bit hard to test out a tank and shorts on a long run when it’s 30°F here.

So I ask you, fellow runners. What is your favorite race getup? Any tips for dealing with temperature changes mid-race? Is it wise to wear crops to stay warm in the first few hours, or stick with shorts to keep cool in the last few miles?

“Just a Half Marathon?”

5 Nov

That’s what someone said to me the other night. They asked me like it was the weirdest thing. “Just a half marathon”… there’s no “just” about that! That’s 13.1 miles of muscles, sweat, motivation, and weeks of preparation. I may not be the fastest runner, or have the best endurance… but I will work to do the best I can. Sheesh!

I got my 2 miles in this morning, even though I felt like my head was a hot air balloon filled with lead (that doesn’t even make sense!). The first half of my route was almost all uphill, the last few feet having a super steep grade, but I ran right through it. It was probably just because there were people doing road work there that could see me, and I didn’t want to slow down when people were watching, heh. Don’t lie, you’ve tried to show off like that too ;) The downhill after that was a gift from the heavens. Mile 2 was all flat, making it a nice recovery run after the hill. Even with my congestion, I averaged a 9:36 pace! I’m really happy with that. It’s 18 seconds better than my PR 5K pace. Let’s hope I can maintain/improve this.

Speaking of congestion while running, does anyone else feel like they turn into a neanderthal in running shoes once the cold weather hits? Unless I bring some tissues with me, I’m a sniffling, gross mess. It’s slowed me down on many days. I need a better solution than just tissues and/or gloves with terry cloth on them.

Post-run I didn’t have much prepared in the ways of a snack or lunch. I grabbed a Laughing Cow cheese with a serving of Multigrain Wheat Thins, followed by the second half of yesterday’s grilled chicken sub for lunch. I feel like I need to keep some more fruit in the house. Grapefruits are coming into season. This is a very, very exciting thing for me. There’s nothing quite like half a grapefruit swirled with cinnamon and honey, put under the broiler for a few (it sounds weird, I know. But try it before you judge).

How do you guys plan out your meals? Do you have it set up day-by-day, or just eat whatever appeals to you at the time?