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Seamless Transition

10 Dec

I’m locked out of my office right now, so what the heck? Blogtime.

Tonight there’s a class at my gym that I need (okay, not need… but really really want to and will regret it if I don’t) to take, and between the time I leave work and the time it starts, there isn’t really any time for me to stop by my house and change. Solutions:

  1. I could pack my gym clothes and leave them in my car. But then I’d still have to change at the gym, and I’m already short on time. Besides, those would be some super cold clothes (high of 30 in Boston today, whatup).
  2. Okay so I can’t change at the gym… so what if I packed everything and brought a bag with me to work and changed there? Plausible, but I really didn’t want to have to carry an entire change of clothes + sneakers.
  3. Combine work and gym clothes into one awesome outfit. Checkmate.

I got the idea from the lululemon Off The Mat blog challenge, where one woman works a few pairs of lulu pants into her professional and fitness wardrobe. It gave me a great start for today’s outfit.

Work to Gym

Not all the items are exactly what I’m wearing, but it gives you a good idea.

The Wunder Under pants are the base for work and gym. Right now, they act as leggings under my dress and later they’ll be workout pants in the gym. The Nike top is layered under my dress for a little more warmth, and allows me to really quickly transition into gym attire later. I have my athletic socks on in my boots, and my sneakers are in the trunk of my car. The only other thing I actually packed was my new Helly Hansen merino base layer. I got it on clearance at a running club event last night :) I figure it’s better to put that on post-workout rather than get my jacket all stanky.

I know a lot of you take the time to exercise during lunch at work, but does anyone regularly try to wear athletic but professonal-looking items to easily transition into a workout later?

Oh and yes, I finally made it into my office :)


Ill Will

20 Jan

So winter may have finally caught up to me and handed me my first cold in a long time. It’s not that bad, but I’m definitely feeling worn out and congested. I gave my hand at doing some speed work this morning. It simultaneously felt good and bad, if that makes any sense. Like, I felt pretty comfortable at my speed pace but very fatigued also. Hard to explain. I tried my hand on the elliptical instead, but to no avail. Alas, I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully with more sleep, too.

On an unrelated note, I’ve started thinking about what gear to bring/wear during my race. I have a throwaway hat and gloves already, and I’ll be getting a cheap fleece (Disney actually collects and washes all the throwaway clothes, then donates them to a charity. Yay!). I’m undecided about wearing a tank vs. a t-shirt, and shorts vs. crops. The race kicks off at 6am, but I have to be at the start no later than 4am. It’ll be somewhere in the 50s at that point, and probably climb into the high 60s/low 70s by the end of the race. I would do trial and error of gear on my own, but it’s a bit hard to test out a tank and shorts on a long run when it’s 30°F here.

So I ask you, fellow runners. What is your favorite race getup? Any tips for dealing with temperature changes mid-race? Is it wise to wear crops to stay warm in the first few hours, or stick with shorts to keep cool in the last few miles?