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Lives to Remember: Running for ALZ

14 May

This fall I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon for the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Illinois. I initially set my goal to $262; $10 for every mile. Little did I realize that I would surpass that goal in less than a week! A big thank you to my parents and my aunt, uncle and family in Alaska :) I’ve since increased my goal (and I am considering increasing it even more).

This isn’t just a call for donations. I want to reach out to all of you for any stories of family, friends, loved ones, etc that have been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease in any way. With your permission, I would like to share these stories and make this marathon not only personal for me, but for all who have experienced the heartbreaking effects of Alzheimer’s.

If you would like to share a story (public or private, just let me know), please email runkerarun@gmail.com. To donate, visit my ALZ Donation page.

Please share this post with your friends. It’s not only about the donations, it’s about sharing the story of lives to remember.

Thank you.


Three Things Thursday

11 Feb

Thanks for all your feedback on my Giveaway post! You guys really helped me out a lot :) I hope to have more details on the giveaway soon.


The snowpocalypse did not happen in Boston. We barely got two inches. Big hype over nothin’! Though I was pleased by the decreased number of cars on the road (all state/government offices in Boston were closed).


I leave for Orlando three weeks from tomorrow. Eeep! The race waivers just became available online, and the race expo kicks off in 22 days. I also have not run outside in over a week, so I’m itching to get outside over here.¬†We’ve finally broken the barrier of sunrise times… 6:45am sunrise, what what! Still not early enough for me to get in a good run from my house, but the promise is there.


Join in on Tall Mom‘s Virtual Race as a part of her Marathon for the Cure fundraiser. Wherever you may be on March 27th, get out there and join others across the country in a fun race for a great cause! If you aren’t a runner/can’t run, then feel free to walk or just plain donate. More details at Tall Mom’s blog here.

Happy Thursday!