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winter sadness

3 Feb

I’m pretty sure the lack of glorious sunlight makes me feel like a horse’s butt for the entirety of winter after January 1st.

My mood progression throughout the day:

  • wake up groggy, but with a good plan for the day
  • go through my morning routine, lay out any needed fitness gear for later, go to work
  • super productive morning, always looking forward to snack time (apparently I’m a preschooler)
  • lunch/read through RSS if time allows/maybe a short blog
  • finish off the morning’s tasks and any remaining to do items
  • on my commute home, think out the evening’s tasks
  • get home, melt into a puddle in my chair with no motivation to move or do anything

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The Most Famous of Finish Lines

19 Mar

It’s yet another beautiful day in Boston; sunny skies and 60°F. Although the sun is strong enough to make it feel muuuuch warmer. I decided to go on a short walk after lunch. This was when I realized that wearing a light sweater today was a mistake. But that’s besides the point.

What I’m really here to talk about is this:

What looks like a grubby smear of bad graffiti on the road right now will in one month be one of the world’s most famous finish lines. Yup, that’s what the finish line of the Boston Marathon looks like almost every other day of the year.

While I was passing by, I saw a man standing on top of it, looking down. As I got closer to snap the above photo, he brought his head up, looked forward, made the sign of the cross and blew the finish line a kiss. Then he noticed me there.

“Looks like we’re getting a new coat of paint soon, huh?”
“Just one more month.”
He beams. “I can’t wait to cross it.”

To many Bostonians, it’s a painted strip of road that causes the city to shut down and create crazy traffic once a year. But to the BQers, it’s like the grail of running.

Maybe someday :)

Three (Four?) Things Thursday

18 Mar


Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh. Guys. It’s going to be 71°F here. 71. Joy and bliss and all of that. Yes I said I was going to take a little break from running to work on strength and flexibility, but do I need to repeat the temperature once more? I am most definitely going for a run after work.


Maybe I’m weird for this, but I’m horrible at just getting into bed and going to sleep. More often than not, I’ll want to squeeze some last-minute reading or research on whatever I’m interested at that moment just before I sleep. This means using my laptop in bed. And very often, falling asleep in the middle of reading a sentence. However, sometimes my brain is so wired on a topic that I’m up until 11:30 or midnight. That time does not work well with my desired wake-up time of 5:30am for morning yoga and strength. So in addition to working on improving my base for running, I’m also going to create a sort of “calm and focus” time at night where no computers or anything are allowed.


The latest running seminar I attended on Monday night was all about nutrition for runners. Of course, I was glued to the presentation for the whole night. I love that stuff. After the presentation, I talked to the nutritionist about the cramping I had during the half. I told him that I had Powerade at pretty much every water stop, and was well hydrated, so I couldn’t understand why I was cramping so badly. His answer? Regular Gatorade and Powerade don’t have enough mid-run electrolytes to be effective! At least not for me.

So I’m going to get myself a giant tub of Gatorade Endurance (also used during the Chicago Marathon) and start using that. I’ve also picked up a few tubes of nuun’s new product, U- natural hydration. They’re just like regular nuun tablets; they dissolve in 16oz of water. But these ones are weaker than their normal tablets, and are designed for light or everyday activities: yoga, walking, etc. I picked up the Lemon Chai and Tangerine Ginger flavors and I loooove them! They’re a great way to give a little pep to your water.

shh I’m sneaking in a number FOUR

Attention all runners in the Greater Boston area: this Monday night starting at 7pm, the lululemon athletica store at the Burlington Mall will be hosting their last running seminar. They’ll also be giving away photos and issues of Runner’s World signed by Kara Goucher! This event is totally free, so what’s to lose?

TBL Finale

9 Dec

I made a smart move and started watching this well after it started (my DVR was recording it). Recording = fast forward through commercials and all the other filler crap they show.

Initially, I was going to do a full rundown of each contestant along with before/after shots. But the after shots aren’t up on NBC’s site yet, and to be honest, I don’t remember much about the contestants from the first half of the season. So instead, I’ll just talk about what everyone else noticed: Tracey’s tiny figure. At first I didn’t recognize her and I thought she looked fantastic. I was happy for her, despite her craptastic behavior during the season. Then… then she smiled and she looked like a skeleton. As Cher from Clueless said,

“She’s a full-on Monet. It’s like a painting, see? From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.”

And that’s Tracey. From far away she rocked, and up close you were like OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER. She looked sickeningly thin. I wouldn’t be surprised if she used some kind of fad diet/not eat at all in order to win the $100,000 at-home prize. And she almost had it! But then Rebecca happened.

check out this hot mamaCheck out that pretty lady! I’m so glad she took home the prize. And I really hope she doesn’t revert to her comfort food of pizza and ranch dressing. Although she could stand to go back to her darker hair color. Blonde doesn’t work as well for her.

I think everyone knew that Amanda wasn’t going to win this thing. I was shocked she even made it to the final three with the low numbers she pulled all season. Granted, she was one of the lightest contestants there, but c’maaaaan. Danny totally deserved his win. I would have been happy with either Rudy or Danny, but after all the other records Rudy set, I’m glad Danny got the big win. The dude started out at 430 pounds and ended at 191. Now that’s something.

There was more I wanted to say, but this weather has me in perma-mental-block mode. It’s seriously disgusting outside. Let’s bring back that random 70° day, shall we?

HBBC Points for this week:
Monday: 0 (ahaha lazy)
Tuesday: 5 (3 miles, 30 minutes strength training, fruits/veggies)
Wednesday: 3.5 (projected- 30 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes strength, fruits/veggies)

It’s in the Game

20 Nov

Oh lunchtime blogging… you’re pretty okay.

I had some great workouts this week, and I think I’m almost totally over whatever that weird muscle tightness was. I’m keeping up with a regular stretching routine which has helped immensely. Workouts for the workweek have been:

  • Wednesday: 17.0 miles on the spin bike (40:00, 25.5mph pace)
  • Thursday: 2.0 mile run (19:30, 9:45 pace)

I have some cross training planned for tomorrow and a 4 miler on Sunday. Woohoo! I’m excited to be increasing my milage each week.

On a somewhat related note, yesterday I came across an EA Sports Active pop-up store on Newbury St in Boston.

I stopped in, and there are three TVs and Wiis set up for free use to anyone that walks in. Free, unlimited fitness from now until December 14th. Not too shabby as a quick lunchtime burn. They also have a promo that allows you to take the game home and try it out for free for three days. So of course I went today at the start of lunch to grab a copy to test out over the weekend. Expect a review early next week.

Happy Friday!