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another personal record

17 Apr

So I’m not completely sure why, but I’ve PR’d in my last three 5Ks. Today’s was pretty awesome because we got to cross the Boston Marathon finish line. And, oh yeah, I got an amazing time.

When I woke up this morning, it was POURING. Hard wind, hard rain, just plain yuck. I seriously considered not going for a few minutes. Thank goodness I didn’t go that route, because the rest of the day has been beautiful and I would’ve been kicking myself hard.

The start of the race was pretty chilly. I was wearing a t-shirt and arm warmers; not much insulation there. But I figured if I had worn a long-sleeved shirt, it would’ve been bad news bears. The rain had stopped at this point, but it was still very overcast and misting. I claimed a spot in the corral around 7:40am (there were no pacing indicators, so I just went wherever) and just jiggled in place for 20 minutes. Whee.

Aaaand we’re off!

mile 1: 9:18

I wasn’t nervous about this race at all, and just decided to go with the flow again. I was very familiar with the course, and knew when to anticipate hills. There were a few walkers before we even made it a half mile in. Incredibly poor pacing, or intentional walker who placed herself way too far up in the corral? No idea. A lot of weaving was happening, and at one point I got caught in a half-circle of 10:30-11 minute runners. That was tough to break out of and set me back a few seconds. S’all good, though. Just before the 1 mile mark was the big hill of the course: up Park St to the State House. Wheeee hill surges!

mile 2: 8:41

What goes up must come down. The first half mile is all basically downhill, going back to a flat route for the rest of the course. Nothing too special here. I began thinking that maybe I was taking my pace too hard, but just kept rolling with what I was doing anyway.

mile 3: 8:32

It’s interesting to note that last year, my best mile interval time was 8:26. And I ran my final mile of a 5K only 6 seconds slower. Just sayin’. This was a straight shot up Comm Ave, a left onto Hereford, then we shadowed the feeling of finishing the Boston Marathon by turning left onto Boylston to cross the Marathon finish line. I had created a playlist with a set order of songs just for this race, and the best possible song to finish on ended just as I crossed the finish line. Perfect.

Garmin time: 27:18
Average pace: 8:48

I’m a sub-9 minute miler now. In the last month, I’ve improved my 5K time by more than two minutes. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels, considering just 4 months ago, I was battling some weird stigma in my head that I would forever be a 10 minute miler, and I couldn’t get through a 5K without walking. With every race I complete, I’m pushing all that bull away. Sure, this can’t keep happening for every race, and I know that maybe next time I might end up back in 28, 29, or 30. But I feel much more confident in my abilities, and for once I think that maybe in the future, I could run a Boston qualifier.

For now, I’ll enjoy my shiny new medal and PR.


Marathon Monday! (and Monday Brain Exchange)

19 Apr

Hi I’m back from the land of work! I had the day off today because I work approximately 5 minutes from the finish line and the professional world of Boston effectively shuts down on this day every year (I’ve still had a few stressful work moments today, though!).

I met up with some lovely lululemon ladies at the top of Heartbreak Hill this morning to watch it all go down and take some photos. It was a little chilly for us spectators, but it was practically PERFECT marathon weather! Such a fantastic morning. The wheelchair portion was especially interesting to watch. The first five went by with a breeze, but you could see the effort with some other racers. There was one man that seemed to be using every last ounce of strength to make it up the final hill. He was in a reclining wheelchair, using a handcrank. The crowd exploded as he passed, trying to pass some energy through the air to keep him going.

Appropriately enough, today’s MBE is all about the Boston Marathon, so this post is a twofer! It’s going to get pretty image-heavy, so I’m putting most of the pictures behind a cut line. If you’re reading this from the homepage or as an RSS, be sure to click through for full Marathony goodness.

I’ll kick it off with the winners of the 114th Boston Marathon:

Wheelchair Division: Ernst Van Dyk (1:26:53)

Men’s Division: Robert Cheruiyot (2:05:52)

Women’s Division: Teyba Erkesso (2:26:11)

And now for the rest of the photos… Continue reading

The Most Famous of Finish Lines

19 Mar

It’s yet another beautiful day in Boston; sunny skies and 60°F. Although the sun is strong enough to make it feel muuuuch warmer. I decided to go on a short walk after lunch. This was when I realized that wearing a light sweater today was a mistake. But that’s besides the point.

What I’m really here to talk about is this:

What looks like a grubby smear of bad graffiti on the road right now will in one month be one of the world’s most famous finish lines. Yup, that’s what the finish line of the Boston Marathon looks like almost every other day of the year.

While I was passing by, I saw a man standing on top of it, looking down. As I got closer to snap the above photo, he brought his head up, looked forward, made the sign of the cross and blew the finish line a kiss. Then he noticed me there.

“Looks like we’re getting a new coat of paint soon, huh?”
“Just one more month.”
He beams. “I can’t wait to cross it.”

To many Bostonians, it’s a painted strip of road that causes the city to shut down and create crazy traffic once a year. But to the BQers, it’s like the grail of running.

Maybe someday :)