three things thursday

10 Mar


These last two weeks have been, without a doubt, the most stressful weeks since I was in college running programs and getting ready for exams. I’ve lost more weight. 5-6lbs at this point. When I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was just 0.02 points away from being underweight on the BMI scale. I’ve tried eating more, but my appetite just isn’t there. This from someone who normally looks forward to snack time every morning and afternoon. I have a 5K this weekend, so I really need to get my appetite back, lest I want to collapse when I hit the 2 mile mark. I’m currently in the process of shoving some lasagna into my mouth. Lots and lots of stress also make my brain start to shut down and just not care. Fortunately, I recently started a project at work that really started to reenergize me. I’m hoping that I’ll easily continue this momentum upwards and I’ll be back to my normal self soon.


Run to Remember training started this week! Aaaaand I’ve been pretty failtastic at sticking to my training schedule. I’m giving myself a small pass because of item #1 and my busy post-work schedule this week. But this weekend, no excuses. The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday and Sunday, so hooray!


Nickelodeon sub-station TeenNick is bringing back old school 90s Nick shows? Awwwwwwww here it goes!


three things thursday

3 Mar


I GOT IN TO THE BAA 5K! Woooooo. I’m really excited about that. Not so excited about the $45 entry fee, but hey. Still excited. And since I work right around the corner from the race route, I plan on running it on lunchruns when the weather finally decides to retain a good temperature. Today’s balmy high of 26°F need not apply. I’m still waiting to hear back about the status of my volunteer application for the marathon. My running club has a group every year, so I’m being cautiously optimistic. If I can’t qualify for Boston, I’ll at least rock a volunteer jacket :)


I am having the worst tiny, sharp pains in my ankles. Right on my ankle bones… right outer and left inner. Did I jump wrong in some class or something? Argh. It affected my run yesterday, which I didn’t even count as happening. Rearranged my run schedule for the rest of the week to re-accommodate. Hopefully a little extra rest and some stretching tonight will do it good.


Inspired by Cass’ ‘a day in my life‘ post yesterday, I want to try to document a day or a few days in photos. I’ve done it before on an old blog and it was pretty fun. My biggest challenge is taking the time to sit down, edit photos, upload, post, etc. My brain is impatient.

when life gives you lemons

24 Feb

make lemonade.

And when Whole Foods gives you whole chickens for $1.69/lb, you make lots and lots of chicken salad.

recipes ‘n things

Chicken salad is delicious, and I don’t have it that often so I figured why not make a batch using a whole chicken? Boom, lunches for the whole week right there. Then the bones can be later used to make chicken stock for soups.

I started by slow cooking my chicken: 1 hour on high, 5 hours on low for a 3.5lb bird. No seasoning, just prop the chicken on a rack or tinfoil or veggies so it doesn’t touch the bottom of the slow cooker, and pour in 2 cups of water or stock. Once it comes out of there, it’ll fall right off the bone. You can eat the chicken plain, but since it’s unseasoned, ew.

Remove the skin and shred all the meat (if you’re anti-dark meat, just leave it off to the side and save it for stock). I divided the shredded meat into 3 bowls: 2 1 cup portions, and 1 2 cup portion.

I’ll omit the “instruction” part of the recipe below, because really all it comes down to is “mix everything together and shove it in your face.”

chicken salad 1: feta and tomato

1 cup of shredded chicken
1 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp sour cream
1-2 oz feta cheese
4-5 chopped sundried tomatoes
salt and pepper to taste

chicken salad 2: curried mango

1 cup of shredded chicken
1 tbsp mayo
1 tbsp sour cream
0.25 cup peas
1-2 tsp mango chutney
0.5-1 tsp yellow curry powder
salt and pepper to taste

chicken salad 3: classic dill

2 cups of shredded chicken
2 tbsp mayo
2 tbsp sour cream
a big bunch of fresh dill, chopped
a pinch of garlic powder
quick squeeze of lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

And there you have it. Deliciousness.

other lemons and lemonade

So this weekend, I participated in a pub crawl in the Boston area. I’m really not a big drinker so I didn’t go crazy, but it’s still a fun event. I figured that after staying up late the night before, it would be a BRILLIANT idea to go to the gym at 7am the next morning. In my exhaustion, I pinched a nerve in my neck within the first 10 minutes of my class. I didn’t think anything of it at first, since it was just a little *pop!* and I figured I just moved oddly. But as the class progressed, I began feeling more and more pain. I finally stopped, grabbed an ice pack from the front desk, and went home. Driving was interesting… it’s sort of hard to look around for oncoming traffic when you can’t move your head. I had to do full-body shifts in my seat.

4 days later, I’m still in ouchville. It’s much better than it was on Sunday, but definitely not healed. Slow and steady, I guess? I don’t have the patience to take a week of rest. Especially not with my half training officially starting soon. Or maybe that’s all the more reason to rest. Hmph.

Also, we’re quickly approaching lunchrun weather. Aww yeah.

search term roundup

16 Feb

1. “running tights” (way too many people find me by searching for that)

2. “i love a bad boy coffee mug” (good for you)

3. “what is he right time to run on the treadmill” (never.)

4. “lululemon pants bum” (thanks, I’m flattered)

Although I did just discover that I’m the top result when you Google “Disney Princess Race Report.” So that’s cool, I guess.

routines or ruts?

16 Feb

I’m a fan of routines. It’s built into my DNA. Guides, spreadsheets, data… I’m a planner at heart, and I like a good routine that I know will allow me to take care of my busy schedule and leave a bit of time to breathe. My friends in college used to mock me for how freakin’ organized my calendar was. I did (and still do) schedule my runs/distances and fitness classes. I recently got a 48″ x 36″ whiteboard for work and it’s sort of magical to me. It’s separated into all the projects I’m working on, and allows me to visualize everything right there in front of me. I tried the whole digital task management thing… not for me. Ink and a writing surface all the way.

My weekdays are pretty standard for the most part. I shower, prep lunch, and lay out clothes the night before. And in the morning I get up at 6 (because clearly I’m a sane person), make breakfast, watch The Daily Show, get ready, and hop on a bus by 7:30. I don’t have a timed checklist for my morning (i.e. “make breakfast: 10 minutes”) because good lord. As long as I make my bus, we cool. Early mornings in the office are fantastic because there are less distractions, and I get more done.

The dark winter mornings are still making me a crabapple who wakes up in a daze, wondering what day it is and what happened to my pants in the middle of the night. It gets hot in my room, okay? But I’m hoping to break out of that soon (maybe not the pants part, haters gonna hate). I tried two cups of coffee this morning to counter the sleepiness. BAD IDEA. Shake city.

I also have a pretty set fitness routine. I have certain classes I go to three times a week, and two group runs a week. There’s something about consistency in that schedule that I really enjoy. I also leave room for running outdoors whenever.

Mornings and fitness are really the only two things I keep set routines for… too much and I start to feel like a robot.

Routines: y/n?