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yup, I’m alive

9 Jul

It’s true, I’m still alive! But no, this isn’t a comeback post. What I learned in the last few months is that I’m just not a blogger. I can go ahead and post my everyday training and stats, but that gets dull. I can use this as a venting outlet, but then I’m just a complainer. And as much as I’d love to be a food blogger, I just can’t take photos as I cook. When I’m in the kitchen, everything is one big seamless flow. Stopping to take a photo of an egg yolk in a bowl, or a close-up of a chiffonade of basil sprinkled on pasta completely throws me off my cooking time. And it’s a bit silly. I love food photography (well, photography in general)… just not taking photos WHILE making food.

What I also learned in the last few months goes far beyond anything I can eloquently articulate here. I got to spend time with one of the most amazing men I’ve yet to know. I took the steps to erase bad experiences that held me back from being myself for so long. I went ahead and made the first moves to reach my next career goals. I’m making plans to see more of this little planet we live on. I signed up for another half marathon, and I will get a PR.

I’m finally putting myself first and taking charge.

I’m so much more than a runner, and I think I started to feel constrained by the title and subject of this blog. If you want to keep reading more, I’m still on the internet. You can find me here:

happy trails to you.


three things thursday

3 Mar


I GOT IN TO THE BAA 5K! Woooooo. I’m really excited about that. Not so excited about the $45 entry fee, but hey. Still excited. And since I work right around the corner from the race route, I plan on running it on lunchruns when the weather finally decides to retain a good temperature. Today’s balmy high of 26°F need not apply. I’m still waiting to hear back about the status of my volunteer application for the marathon. My running club has a group every year, so I’m being cautiously optimistic. If I can’t qualify for Boston, I’ll at least rock a volunteer jacket :)


I am having the worst tiny, sharp pains in my ankles. Right on my ankle bones… right outer and left inner. Did I jump wrong in some class or something? Argh. It affected my run yesterday, which I didn’t even count as happening. Rearranged my run schedule for the rest of the week to re-accommodate. Hopefully a little extra rest and some stretching tonight will do it good.


Inspired by Cass’ ‘a day in my life‘ post yesterday, I want to try to document a day or a few days in photos. I’ve done it before on an old blog and it was pretty fun. My biggest challenge is taking the time to sit down, edit photos, upload, post, etc. My brain is impatient.

search term roundup

16 Feb

1. “running tights” (way too many people find me by searching for that)

2. “i love a bad boy coffee mug” (good for you)

3. “what is he right time to run on the treadmill” (never.)

4. “lululemon pants bum” (thanks, I’m flattered)

Although I did just discover that I’m the top result when you Google “Disney Princess Race Report.” So that’s cool, I guess.

Monday Brain Exchange: Week 3

12 Apr

It’s time for this week’s Monday Brain Exchange!

How do you train? Do you use a schedule, have a coach or go with the flow? Do you train alone or with group?

I train based on training programs pros have made. I’m not knowledgeable enough right now to create my own full plans, so I follow what others have proven to work. I pretty much NEED to have a schedule, though. If I don’t, it’s tough for me to get out and run. I guess I need a purpose or goal to get moving.

Currently, I have a schedule based purely on randomness, time I have, and gym classes that are available. I’m using the next month and a half to build up my base and train strong. My schedule for the next few months is based on Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon plan. I’ve added in a whole bunch more cross and strength training so I’ll be in top shape come October. I hope.

I mostly train alone, but I run with a group on weekend mornings. It’s nice to have company, and it can definitely push my pace and motivate me to keep going when I want to stop for a breather. But there are many times that I just want to run, try to zone out as much as I can while staying safe, and keeping myself moving with the music.

Tomorrow I’ll have a very fun story about what happened to me today! :D

Silliness Accepted

15 Jan

I’ve wanted to mock the people running the Disney races in costume, then this morning I remembered the Chicago Marathon. There were so many people running in costume just for kicks, including a superhero squad of Captain America, the Hulk and Wolverine. They were freaking awesome. So why the hate for women that decide to glam up a bit? Is it because I really dislike people that dress up to go to the gym? (I’m looking at you, cutoff sweatshirt and booty shorts girl) Maybe. But the Disney costumes are really no different.

If you’ve made running fun for yourself and your friends, I won’t hate. Seriously, keeping your body moving for a few hours ain’t a fun deal, no matter how much you love it. Maybe that pit stop to see Captain Jack is just what you needed to keep moving. That running skirt, while I find them silly, makes you feel pretty. The Disney races are pretty much the one place where silliness is widely acceptable.

Also, the people stopping every mile for a photo, while taking it slow, have still gone a further distance than I have. So I can’t be one to judge here. Will I still think you’re kinda nuts for wearing a tiara? Yeah probably. And I’ll also think that princess costume is really silly, and probably very uncomfortable to run in. But if you’re giving it all you’ve got… well, what can I say to that? Even Captain America finished in Chicago with a decent time.

Just don’t enter the race 4 months in advance with a plan to walk 80% of it, okay?

(Hey, practicing non-judgmental-ness takes time. Gimme a break.)