yup, I’m alive

9 Jul

It’s true, I’m still alive! But no, this isn’t a comeback post. What I learned in the last few months is that I’m just not a blogger. I can go ahead and post my everyday training and stats, but that gets dull. I can use this as a venting outlet, but then I’m just a complainer. And as much as I’d love to be a food blogger, I just can’t take photos as I cook. When I’m in the kitchen, everything is one big seamless flow. Stopping to take a photo of an egg yolk in a bowl, or a close-up of a chiffonade of basil sprinkled on pasta completely throws me off my cooking time. And it’s a bit silly. I love food photography (well, photography in general)… just not taking photos WHILE making food.

What I also learned in the last few months goes far beyond anything I can eloquently articulate here. I got to spend time with one of the most amazing men I’ve yet to know. I took the steps to erase bad experiences that held me back from being myself for so long. I went ahead and made the first moves to reach my next career goals. I’m making plans to see more of this little planet we live on. I signed up for another half marathon, and I will get a PR.

I’m finally putting myself first and taking charge.

I’m so much more than a runner, and I think I started to feel constrained by the title and subject of this blog. If you want to keep reading more, I’m still on the internet. You can find me here:


happy trails to you.


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