my attitude about half marathon training

20 Apr

I’m going to be in another musical soon, so my life has gone back to:

  • wake up at 6am (been slapping snooze for about 20 minutes lately)
  • leave for work at 7:30am
  • work 8:30-4:30
  • get home at 5:30
  • stuff food in my face
  • rehearsal 7-10pm
  • try to find some social time, get home way too late on a weekday
  • pass out and drool

Sometimes I’ll be able to squeeze a run in at lunch, but the weather has been so craptastic and I’ve been so busy with work that it usually just doesn’t happen. Have I mentioned that I haven’t done a single long run yet? The half is a little over a month away now. I might have to work a bit on Saturday, so womp womp don’t know if I’ll be able to do a 9 miler. Maybe I’ll drop it down to 6 or 7? I definitely want to do well in this half. I just need a couple more hours in each day to adequately prepare. But for real, I need to crack down and get serious about my training so I don’t get hurt.

In other news, I have some fab photos from mile 26 of the Boston Marathon… which I’ll post as soon as I receive a few more of those hours in the day. Hopefully tomorrow, if I have enough time to do a bit of tweaking and uploading tonight.

Finally, I need to figure out what the eff is going on with my right shin/calf. It’s tight to the max and feels fatigued all day long. Maybe because I ran the BAA 5K in my old shoes? (it was pouring when I woke up, and I didn’t want to destroy my new shoes in a downpour) Maybe I need to just stretch some more? A massage? Unsure. It isn’t hindering me from doing anything, but it’s definitely an annoyance when a wild leg cramp appears.

Did I just make a Pokemon reference? I did.

I went there.

Squirtle out.


2 Responses to “my attitude about half marathon training”

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness April 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    Days like the one you just posted seriously stress me out to the max. And I’ve got a few of those this week where I might as well start scheduling pee breaks. Yuck.

    Good luck fitting that long run in… :)

    • Kera April 20, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

      haha thanks!

      And that’s been my schedule just about every weekday for the last two weeks. It doesn’t help that I’m staying out until 12-12:30, either. Gonna be a zombified long run ;)

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