three things thursday

10 Mar


These last two weeks have been, without a doubt, the most stressful weeks since I was in college running programs and getting ready for exams. I’ve lost more weight. 5-6lbs at this point. When I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was just 0.02 points away from being underweight on the BMI scale. I’ve tried eating more, but my appetite just isn’t there. This from someone who normally looks forward to snack time every morning and afternoon. I have a 5K this weekend, so I really need to get my appetite back, lest I want to collapse when I hit the 2 mile mark. I’m currently in the process of shoving some lasagna into my mouth. Lots and lots of stress also make my brain start to shut down and just not care. Fortunately, I recently started a project at work that really started to reenergize me. I’m hoping that I’ll easily continue this momentum upwards and I’ll be back to my normal self soon.


Run to Remember training started this week! Aaaaand I’ve been pretty failtastic at sticking to my training schedule. I’m giving myself a small pass because of item #1 and my busy post-work schedule this week. But this weekend, no excuses. The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Saturday and Sunday, so hooray!


Nickelodeon sub-station TeenNick is bringing back old school 90s Nick shows? Awwwwwwww here it goes!


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