monday brain exchange 26: extreme weather

14 Feb

Monday Brain Exchange time!

Do you deal with any types of extreme weather where you live?  Heat warnings, a lot of snow, frequent tornados?  How do you keep your workouts fresh and fun when you are stuck indoors?

Lately, it’s been all about the indoor workouts in New England. Last week was the first week this year I didn’t have to work from home one day due to bad weather. I’ve run outdoors once or twice so far. I live in the suburbs, and we were hit with a big ol’ blanket of snow that melts a bit then freezes into giant ice patches. We’re just starting to be able to see out of our driveway over the snow banks.. maybe once that visibility is better I’ll hit the streets again.

To compensate for the lack of outdoor running, I’ve amped up my cross training and weight lifting. I spend most of my time taking classes at the gym, and begrudgingly running 2-3 miles on the treadmill. When I’m totally snowed in at home, I have EA Sports Active for the Wii, and Nike Training Club on my iPhone. Side note: the NTC workouts are surprisingly tough and get your heart pumping. A really great free app if you have an iPhone running iOS 4.


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