winter sadness

3 Feb

I’m pretty sure the lack of glorious sunlight makes me feel like a horse’s butt for the entirety of winter after January 1st.

My mood progression throughout the day:

  • wake up groggy, but with a good plan for the day
  • go through my morning routine, lay out any needed fitness gear for later, go to work
  • super productive morning, always looking forward to snack time (apparently I’m a preschooler)
  • lunch/read through RSS if time allows/maybe a short blog
  • finish off the morning’s tasks and any remaining to do items
  • on my commute home, think out the evening’s tasks
  • get home, melt into a puddle in my chair with no motivation to move or do anything

Seriously, the last bullet has been my life for the past week or two. I’m not depressed. I generally try to keep a really happy outlook on things, and I’m trying to keep things even more positive lately. Take the other week: I left work early to beat a snowstorm, not realizing I left my keys on my desk. So I had to walk home in said snowstorm until I could find someone to pick me up since I couldn’t actually get into my house. Fortunately, I have an all-seasons porch to cover me for a while. I could have been angry about it, but it was so absurd that I just laughed.

Late sunrises, early sunsets, weather so cold you avoid setting foot outside… so tired of it. There are snowbanks 7′ high in front of my house. I can’t see out our pantry window into the backyard. I just keep telling myself “we’re halfway through with winter… the end is in sight!” The craziness continued this morning when we had a sun-snow-shower. Snowing and sun at the same time.

Look at this: the snow here is approaching Shaq-level height.


Also, I’m taller than an NBA player? Cool.

Aaaaand that’s your winter whining post from me. Another round of snow coming on Saturday, and I have a 5k on Sunday. I really hope it’s clear/non-icy by then. Ha.


One Response to “winter sadness”

  1. onelittlejill February 4, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    The last bullet always happens to me too! Which is why I have to hit the gym in the mornings!

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