Hello, December

1 Dec

I love the holiday season. So so so much. Even when it’s stupidly grey outside, I’m happy. I even bought a cute little wire tree for my desk.

Even though the cool air, bright lights, and excitement make me elated, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to hop out of bed super early. My plan today was this:

  • wake up at 5am
  • put all my veggies into the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner
  • go to the gym for a class
  • come home, shower, go to work

In reality, my morning looked more like:

  • alarm goes off at 5am
  • wonder what the hell I’m doing awake at this time when I fell asleep at 11
  • feel conflicted for 15 minutes
  • throw in the towel and bargain with yourself that you’ll go to the same gym class tonight
  • put all my veggies into the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner
  • shower, go to work
  • remember that I’m getting a Christmas tree tonight so I can’t go to the gym for the class

I REALLY have to get my game face on for getting up at 5am. I’m heavily considering leaving my laptop downstairs at night because I get too caught up reading things at night and lose track of time. It takes two weeks to create a habit. Here’s to practicing.

veggie time

Ohh, those vegetables. I’ve already compiled a pretty hefty list of what I plan on using them for:

  1. Tuscan ribollita soup (using a quarter of the cabbage and the carrots)
  2. delicata squash soup
  3. kale chips
  4. collard greens and beans
  5. sweet potato latkes
  6. corned beef and cabbage (using half the cabbage)
  7. creamed cabbage (using the last quarter of the cabbage)
  8. beet chips? or roasted beets with goat cheese? maybe both. I’ve never made beets before.
  9. yeah I have no idea what to do with the scarlet turnips. maybe I’ll make chips with one turnip and slice the other raw.

Side note: looking at that list is making me wonder just how much cabbage I can consume in a two-week period before my body just decides to stop processing fiber. If you suddenly stop hearing from me again, it probably isn’t due to busyness. I’m probably passed out face-first in a pile of cabbage somewhere. Send help.


2 Responses to “Hello, December”

  1. onelittlejill December 5, 2010 at 11:32 pm #

    I am getting back on the wagon this week- I have enjoyed sleeping in so much!!! I will miss it!

  2. RunToTheFinish December 8, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    I don’t really eat much cabbage, I think I just don’t know what to do with it or how it will taste

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