Views out of Nowhere

16 Nov

Uhh, hello there, people who stumbled on my blog earlier this month. I was rather surprised to see over 1,200 views in two days. No idea how or why that happened. But cool!

As I mentioned before, it has been an extremely busy month. Between show rehearsals, the dreaded tech week, the first show weekend, and working late… it’s been a little nuts. But at the same time, life is good. Today marked one year of being employed with my company! I do enjoy having a job. It helps to like the majority of what I do, too.

I have a bunch of new projects at home that I simply cannot wait to get started on. Alas, I have to wait until Thanksgiving weekend until I really have the time to devote to actually starting and completing something. I also gave this blog a little facelift and organized my upcoming training schedule. Oh, and I may even audition for another musical to be performed in the springtime! At least this time around I’ll only be prepping for a half marathon while rehearsing, instead of a marathon ;)

Speaking of running, I have some running guilt right now. I get antsy and want to go out running, especially when I see other runners out on the road. But when it comes down to getting myself out the door, I just can’t do it. And it’s really frustrating. I feel like I should want to go out more than anything, but instead I end up being a couch potato. Maybe I’m still exhausted? I’m not positive. Something I’m definitely trying to work through.

As one method of getting my butt back in gear, I’ve signed up once again for Amanda’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. If you’ve never participated before, give it a try! It’s like a big group of friends supporting you in your goals. As of right now, there are 269 people signed up. Wow! Lots of people to help hold you accountable. I need that right now.

Until the next time I can write…


One Response to “Views out of Nowhere”

  1. onelittlejill November 16, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    You were probably hit up by a bot. I had a bot last year and in one day my blog had 4000 hits. I was like wtf. I looked in my “view” box and it was a bot site.

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