Lessons Learned While Running

25 Oct

I went out for my last run before Chicago (a mere two miles) after work. The early October sky was already darkening, but I figured I could finish before it got totally dark. Nope. After one lap around my neighborhood, it was dark. Streetlights only do so much in an area with many trees, so there were times I was running in shaded darkness. I may or may not have tripped (but steadied myself) on an upturned sidewalk edge.
Lesson Learned:
Headlamps may look kinda nerdy, but I value unharmed limbs over running appearance. Time to buy one.

After getting a new pair of leggings and wearing them around all day, I wanted to go out for a short run to get back into the post-marathon swing of things. I didn’t bother changing because hey, these leggings are activewear. 0.15 miles in, I’m pretty sure my buttcrack would be showing if it weren’t for my long shirt. I had to adjust every 0.1 miles or so. Yep, cut that run down to just a mile. I still love the leggings… I’ll just use them for anything but running.
Lesson Learned:
Activewear doesn’t always like being super active.

The first run I did post-Chicago was a mile and it was just 6 seconds slower than my mile PR from track workouts.
Lesson Learned:
When your pants are falling down, you tend to run faster just so you can get home.

Any amusing things you’ve learned or noticed while running or exercising?

Monday is halfway over! Enjoy the rest of it. And don’t forget to get ready for next week’s MBE :)


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