1 Jul

There are 100 days until the marathon. Uhhhhh wow. Tomorrow we hit the double digits of the countdown, and I have my first double digit run since March. And unlike last week, I plan on actually running the whole thing!

My legs are still pretty sore from the track on Tuesday. I think I really didn’t stretch well enough and I am so paying for it. Last night I took it easy and did strength training instead of running my club’s weekly 5K. Though I did hang out at the 5K finish line with the other volunteers and socialized for a while afterwards. I can’t wait to actually run the 5K with them!

So my strength training plan… I kind of love it. The trainer I met with broke down each major muscle group and gave me different exercises to do for each group. 2-3 times a week I do 3×10 of each exercise with 30 second rests between sets.

Upper Body
Biceps: biceps curls, hammer curls
Triceps: kickbacks, overhead extension, pulldowns
Chest: pushups, chest fly
Shoulders: overhead press, forward raises, lateral raises
Upper Back: reverse fly, bent over row

Lower Body (not many exercises here, since they’re worked out while everyday walking/running)
Quads: squats
Hamstrings: deadlifts
Glutes: walking lunges

Abs: crunches, leg lifts, rotations
Lumbar/Lower Back: superman, back extension, “bird dog”

By the end of summer I am going to be so toned I can’t even

Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to do an easy 3 miles and let my legs recover. It’s an absolutely beautiful 70° day… no excuse for not running!

In other news, I picked a cucumber from my garden yesterday morning! So of course I had to have it as a snack last night. I’m officially spoiled by fresh garden produce. Nothing like it :)

Happy July!

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One Response to “100”

  1. Chelsea July 3, 2010 at 10:59 am #

    All the good stuff from the garden definitely makes it worth all the work. Congrats on your mile PR. I think you are going to be ready to rock the marathon in 100 days.

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