Blogger Block

27 Jun

Writing has been tough lately; be it for time reasons, or just a lack of ideas for what to write. And for some reason, my RSS reader freaked out and marked my entire list as unread. Whatup 900 items. I need to catch up with y’all. To sum up my week: it’s been a whirlwind of dinners, movies, outings, and eating way more BBQ ribs than anyone should ever think about eating.

This morning was my 9 miler, aka one of my last single-digit weekend runs until mid-October. I was incredibly worn out from my attempt to do the 9 miler yesterday, so I made the decision to do a run/walk. At first everything was fine: .25mi easy pace, .05 recovery walk with overcast skies. Then the sun appeared. And my Gatorade got warm. And my muscles rebelled. And I got a really bad attitude about the whole run.

How do you deal with doubting yourself? I felt so negative (or just tired, I’m really not sure), that I almost gave up with half a mile to go. I mean really, I felt like I could not move my body a foot more. I only felt great for a few seconds after my run was over. Then I was simply desperate to get home and chug down a bottle of cold water. Even though I was only running .25 at a time, I felt HORRIBLE.

Amazingly enough, I made decent time: 1:37:30. A 10:50 average pace is alright for a 9 mile run/walk. Most of my runs were sub-10. Still, I really need to try to run the entire 10 miler next week. Maybe I’ll just have to get up at 6am to avoid the heat and humidity? More than anything I just need to think more positively and not doubt my ability to complete longer distances.


One Response to “Blogger Block”

  1. onelittlejill June 28, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    When I doubt, I think of my accountability. I feel accountable to myself, my teammates and my blog. All of which push me when I don’t want to be pushed. And I assess the doubt and reasons for it- if I have good reason, then I reconcile it!

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