Weekend Wrapup

25 Apr

I hope you all had a splendid weekend!


To compensate for my increased heart rate, I decided to do a run/walk on Friday afternoon. Using my Garmin’s interval training feature, I went out for a 2:1 10x for a 30 minute run. I ended up going 2.78 miles in 30 minutes… not too shabby since 10 of those minutes were walking! I walk quickly :)


I met with the lulu run group again, and we set out for 4.5 miles… which turned in to 5 miles when we hit the 2.25 point of our out and back and thought “what’s another .25 miles this way?” Oof, my heart went crazy. Maybe it was the pollen, or the fact that my outfit was way too warm for the weather, but a 10+ minute pace was killing me. We made it 3 miles running, but did a 2:1 run/walk for the last two. Our run leader, Pete, was riding a bike since he was still recovering from an awesome Boston, and he decided to take some videos of us huffing and puffing. It’ll be here once he sends it over to me!

Of course, I negated all of that work later that afternoon when I headed over to the Boston Bacon and Beer Festival. Yes. A festival dedicated to local breweries and local restaurants featuring bacon-themed dishes. Vegetarians and vegans beware: I’m about to talk about the wonders of bacon. There were some straaaaange dishes, but I didn’t turn my head away from everything. I mean, they’re free samples… if I didn’t like anything, toss it out. And I could end up loving new things. I tried everything from bacon donuts to the most perfectly-rendered piece of porkbelly to cheddar/bacon biscuits to a chocolate and bacon milkshake! There were even chocolate, ale, and bacon cupcakes:

It was a seriously awesome time. And I felt much better about eating all that bacon since I ran 5 miles beforehand ;)



I planned on getting in a few more miles, but I was pretty wiped from the whole weekend and decided to lay low and only take my evening yoga class. I picked up a Yogitoes skidless towel just before class since I have issues with sliding around. My muscle fatigue became evident near the end of the class when I started shaking in some of the positions. But, something wonderful happened…

…for a few seconds, my right heel was ON THE GROUND in downward dog! Um, hello happiness and goodbye tight hamstrings! I’ve only been taking this class for a few weeks and I already feel like I’ve improved so much.

It’s now 8pm aaaaaand I feel like I’m going to pass out. Dumb pollen!

Enjoy the rest of your nights!


One Response to “Weekend Wrapup”

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness April 25, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    We have a bacon fest here in Chicago- which I was dying to go to if the tickets hadn’t of been so pricey! I mean really- a festival for bacon? Sign me up!

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