Monday Brain Exchange: Week 3

12 Apr

It’s time for this week’s Monday Brain Exchange!

How do you train? Do you use a schedule, have a coach or go with the flow? Do you train alone or with group?

I train based on training programs pros have made. I’m not knowledgeable enough right now to create my own full plans, so I follow what others have proven to work. I pretty much NEED to have a schedule, though. If I don’t, it’s tough for me to get out and run. I guess I need a purpose or goal to get moving.

Currently, I have a schedule based purely on randomness, time I have, and gym classes that are available. I’m using the next month and a half to build up my base and train strong. My schedule for the next few months is based on Hal Higdon’s Novice Marathon plan. I’ve added in a whole bunch more cross and strength training so I’ll be in top shape come October. I hope.

I mostly train alone, but I run with a group on weekend mornings. It’s nice to have company, and it can definitely push my pace and motivate me to keep going when I want to stop for a breather. But there are many times that I just want to run, try to zone out as much as I can while staying safe, and keeping myself moving with the music.

Tomorrow I’ll have a very fun story about what happened to me today! :D


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