Monday Brain Exchange

5 Apr

This week it’s all about races!

Question: Name your top 3 favorite events to date.  When were they and why are they your favorite?

This is an easy one for me! Although I’ve been running for a while, I’ve only ever completed two races.

1. Super Sunday 5K – February 1, 2009
This was my first-ever race, and my first 5K. I used the c25k program to prepare for it, and I was pretty nervous about the whole ordeal. I saw people warming up by running the whole course, and in my mind I remember being like “are you SERIOUS, I’m nervous about going around once and they’re warming up with it!” The thought of going further than 3.1 baffled me. And caused pain just thinking about it. I had to take a 10-15 second walk break a bit before mile 3, and I finished in 30:52; JUST under a 10 minute pace. And I was never happier. Little did I realize what would happen a year later…

2. Disney’s Princess Half Marathon – March 7, 2010
You can view my full race report here. The race atmosphere here was always buzzing, always positive, always excited. It took a lot of mental (and physical, duh) preparation to get ready for this. I decided on it pretty much on a whim, and took it as a personal challenge. What could I make my body do? Apparently, I can make my body finish 13.1 miles in 2:25:50 after horrible leg pains.

The future: I’m hoping to do 1-2 small races this summer before the big 26.2. It’ll be nice to have some small things to look forward to along the way.

Weekend Wrapup coming soon!


3 Responses to “Monday Brain Exchange”

  1. Lacey April 5, 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    i totally didn’t know you ran the super sunday 5k last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i ran that too it was my 10k pr that still stands. windy day by the water!! did you take a party bus in? elliot came with me :) we totally crossed paths…

    • Kera April 6, 2010 at 9:02 am #

      I totally took the party bus, fully equipped with poles, hahaha.


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