On the road again

16 Mar

Aww yeah, time to get back in to the swing of things.

I went for my first lunchtime run at work today, and I felt pretty good for the first quarter mile before my left knee started bothering me again. So… change of plans for the next few weeks. Rather than focus mostly on building up my running base, I’m going to focus on building a better strength and flexibility base. I think a lot of my knee problems have to do with weak adductors and a tight IT band; not a fun combination. I’m going to incorporate yoga into my routine, and hopefully work up to doing about 30 minutes per day. I’ve also started tracking my nutrition again. I felt much more in control over my training and why I felt how I did when I could look back on what I had eaten recently.

Aside from the bit of pain, I still had a great short run! They (who is “they,” anyway?) say that for every mile you ran in a race, rest for that many days. It hasn’t been 13 days, so maybe I’m still in recovery mode? Whatever, I’m impatient. < 2 milers won't kill me.

Distance: 1.68 miles
Time: ~14-15 minutes
Pace: Somewhere around 8:40?

I didn't bring my Garmin with me because… well let's face it, it's a little silly to bring such a chunky device on a run you know will be less than 3 miles. I didn't care about time, I just wanted to get back out there. And honestly, it was pretty awesome not being tempted to look down and see how long it had been or how far I'd gone. (Don't worry Garmin, I still love you). And I just measured the distance with MapMyRun.

I also found a decently-priced-per-visit lap pool in my area. I still don’t think I can afford to go once every week, but maybe once every two weeks for a cross training/recovery alternative.

Finally, I plan on posting my marathon training plan once I have it set up and finalized. I have to do a bit of overhauling on my blog… updating my About page, adding an awesome official race photo, new training, etc. It’s all so fresh and exciting!


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