Walking Backwards, Moving Sideways

24 Feb

Our precious hamstrings… runners leave them neglected so often. Actually it’s not just runners, it’s almost everyone! We spend just about every minute of every day moving forward or sitting down. Maybe it’s time we all move backwards. Metaphorically speaking, this sounds like a bad idea ;) But without strengthening our hamstrings and adductors (aka inner thighs), we’re doomed to leave our knees with a life of pain. When I’m sitting, my kneecaps actually pull a bit outwards since my quads are so much stronger than the rest of my thighs.

Of course, there are weight machines at the gym that can strengthen these muscles. But that can get boring. Why not do some things that’ll spice up the gym atmosphere and make people look at you like “what the frick is wrong with her/him?”

The Backwards Treadmill

Sure, you can walk backwards outside. But if you’re like me you’d probably trip on a bump in the sidewalk and fall. Solution: walk backwards on the treadmill! You can also use an elliptical in reverse, but this just sounds so much more fun. Start up the treadmill, turn up the incline (you want to get the most impact, right?), and just start walking! It’ll focus in on your hamstrings in ways you’ve hardly used them before.

Chassé! Chassé!

Adductors aka inner thighs aka the place almost all women hate most; 20 reps on the leg press will do something… but much like other weight machines they aren’t much fun. Again, turn to the trusty treadmill! Face sideways and “gallop” at a decent speed. If you’ve ever done ballet before, it’d be like treadmill chassé. (video on how to do a chassé here)

Wait, the treadmill is fun now?

Maybe. Kinda. It’s something different, that’s for sure. And the looks people give you might make it worth it too.

Give it a shot the next time you’re at the gym! Maybe others will catch on and you’ll be a trendsetter ;)


One Response to “Walking Backwards, Moving Sideways”

  1. Amy @ Second City Randomness February 25, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    I’ve actually seen somebody doing some of those moves on the stairmill- which is a little too dangerous for my clumsy self!

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