Social Life vs. Training Life

19 Feb

How the heck do you manage it? Seriously. This week has been one giant choice between being social and sticking to my training, all while not becoming sleep deprived.

If the plans were with people I could see at any time, then whatever. But one night I went out with my cousin, who was visiting from Florida. Another night I was trapped in the house because of snow. Last night I was at work until 7pm, saw a friend, and got home at 11pm.

Every day on my way to work I see people running, and I WISH I had the time to run without getting up before 5am.

How do you guys balance training and socializing? I don’t have many runner friends, as I know many of you do. So I can’t do the whole “combining socializing and training” thing.

And to those of you that run at lunch: do you have a shower at work? If not, how do you de-gross-ify? I work in an absolutely amazing running area (a long tree-lined mall a block away, and the Charles River/Esplanade about a quarter of a mile away), so I want to take advantage of that when the ice clears.

Giveaway Rundown

Marlene is giving away some totally sweet Red Olympic Mittens. It’s only open until the 22nd, so go go go!

Tall Mom‘s Running Essentials Giveaway is open until the 24th, and there’s a hefty amount of items up for grabs!

YOUBARS. (shameless self-promotion, what?)


Tomorrow I’m running 12 miles before going on my friend’s 2nd annual Red Sox-themed pub crawl that I helped plan. I am using both of those events as an excuse to eat whatever the heck I want in the next 24 hours. And I’ll be consuming copious amounts of salt in order to not cramp up once more.

mmmm 60% of my daily sodium in one can <3


4 Responses to “Social Life vs. Training Life”

  1. Jamie February 19, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Hey! Glad you commented on my blog about the princess half. There are some of us meeting up pre-race at 5Am. If you’re interested, email me. Hope to hear from you.

    jamie dot edge at charter dot net

  2. Lacey February 19, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    lol! soup and veggie burgers.. my go-to salt intake boosters :) actually i eat both of those all the time. i guess it’s a good thing i run and need the sodium :)

    i don’t see friends often when i’m training a lot!!!! but sometimes i can schedule a late dinner and run after work/shower and go to dinner. or i see them on weekends. but yeah i don’t combine social+training just cuz even tho a lot of my friends run, we all do it on our “own schedules”.

  3. The Vegan Anti-Hero February 21, 2010 at 5:08 am #

    I had no life training for my marathon. No life. It’s like you need to sacrifice miles to have one and I was no willing. I’m sure some people can balance it but I can’t figure it out and at the end of the day I guess I’d rather run.

    And I don’t want to know what that says about me!

  4. J February 22, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    I don’t have many friends who are runners. My one friend I do go to the gym with but only after work. No one wants to get up and workout with me at 5am! I really don’t like the bar scene and hardly ever go out Friday or Saturday night unless its a dinner thing or a movie. Not many people have the same training/exercise regime as me so I just have less of a social life. I was thinking about trying to join a running group just to meet more girls so I can have some friends to hang with!

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