Double or Nothing

2 Feb

I’m doing double gym days this week. Why? Because I was a solid slacker last week and I have some catching up to do.

I hit a wall in my training on Sunday. As I ran down the street to start my 10 mile long run, I couldn’t do it. I was a quarter mile in and I never felt worse while running. I convinced myself that I’d break through, but by the time a half mile rolled by, I knew not to push it. I’d had a hard time with getting started before, but this was different. This was my body giving me a definite NO. I listened, and went to the gym for an easy go on the spin bike and some weights instead.

“You skipped a long run day? Seriously?”

Yup. You do what you have to do.

I remember the first day of my training, when I didn’t step on the treadmill until 9pm because I had such a busy day. I told myself that slacking was not an option, and I had to stick to my plan. But that’s not realistic. Life happens. Tiredness happens (and I don’t mean “hit snooze for another 10 minutes” tired). If I miss a long run for a good reason, c’est la vie. I just acknowledge it and move forward with the intent to improve.

So that brings me to today. I woke up at the lovely time of 4:45am, put on my sweeeeet new pink running shorts and (stupidly) a long sleeve black top, and hit the gym for some speed work.

  • 0.25 mi warm up at 6.0
  • 3×800 at 6.8 with 0.25 mi in between at 6.0
  • another 800 at 7.0

Tonight I’m heading back for round 2: more strength training. I need to work on my arms and abs for core balance as well as a way to even things out with my Amazon Woman thighs (I say that lovingly). I have another double planned for tomorrow, mostly because my mid-week tempo run is scheduled to be 8 miles, and there’s no way I can reasonably fit that in before or after work (and I’ll go insane if I do a solid 8 on the ‘mill). So it’s being broken up into 4 and 4. That I can handle.

I have some recipes to share with you all, but I’m going to hold off until tomorrow. Until then, here’s a photo of my awesome, colorful getup and my game face before my failed Sunday run:

See you tomorrow with plenty of goodies!


4 Responses to “Double or Nothing”

  1. Yasmin @ Pretty Little Steps February 2, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    You are being so smart listening to your body! Honestly, I blew off two big runs because of my back, and it didn’t make too big of an impact on the overall plan.

    Every body and every day is different. You know what you are doing, so just continue with it! (:

    • Kera February 3, 2010 at 7:07 am #

      Thanks! I used to be waaay too focused on numbers and not on natural progression, which I think it what caused me to get hurt so quickly in my training. Stressing over a run is like, the most counter-productive thing I can think of! Good to hear I’m not alone ;)

  2. Lacey February 2, 2010 at 10:14 pm #

    oh my gosh you are adorable! that’s my all time fave pic ever posted on a blog and i’m so not kidding!!!! those are some hottt shorts!

    • Kera February 3, 2010 at 7:09 am #

      hahahahaha thank you :) I am in LOVE with these shorts: build-in “underwear” so they don’t ride up, they’re super super soft, and they were only $12.50. <3 Old Navy

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