Woahhhh I’m Halfway There

28 Dec

I finished my 10k training yesterday with a 6.15 mile run in 1:02:11 (including a walk break around mile 4 for foot pain purposes). So today is the official start of my half marathon training. There’s now less than 10 weeks until the race! And I love my Garmin. I tried not to look at it too much as I ran, as I knew that if I saw my pace go over 10 minutes I would kick it up. Why? I don’t know. A 10:00 pace is like an evil barrier to me. I want to stay under it for no reason other than hubris.

That being said, I think I’ve been pushing myself too hard and that’s why I’m getting all these rebellious injuries. As much as I hate myself for it, I’m starting to seriously consider switching to a run/walk program until I build a stronger base. It’s not worth it to run through injuries, I’m just getting hurt over and over. The Galloway Method suggests a 3:1 run/walk ratio for my pace. Eh, I can’t imagine just running for 3 minutes then walking… and doing that for almost an entire race. But I can try it out on my next long run and see how it works. Maybe I can push myself to a 9 minute pace for those 3 minutes? (hahaha look I’m not even done with this post and I’m already thinking about pushing myself. Silly Kera. This is why you’re a klutz.)

The spin bike is going to be a big friend of mine this week. I haven’t done some good cross training in a while, which may also be a fast track to Injuryland®, home of the beloved character Mickey Ouch.

I’m coming up with a list of anti-resolutions that I’ll post here. They aren’t “things I’m going to change in 2010” because I feel like most of those are always doomed to fail. They’re like fad diets; sure they’ll work for a while, but sooner or later you’re going to change back to your old habits and gain all the bad stuff back. I’m glad I have my new running tights, as I’m sure I’ll be running outdoors until February when all the “going to the gym” resolution people have dropped like flies.

Oh my lunch is almost gone. Okay okay I’m getting back to work now.


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