Injuries and Adrenaline

15 Dec

So long story short, I’ve had a nagging sharp pain in my inner hip for quite a while now (I’m talking a few months here). Up until recently, I only felt this pain if I did hip adductor strength exercises, and I sort of wrote it off as being a tight muscle. But it started acting up the other week while I was running, and caused a decent amount of pain in the 24 hour window after I ran. I did my 5 miles on Sunday afternoon (sidenote: hooray for another milestone!), and I’m still feeling the pain. It’s worst when I’m climbing stairs or when I move from sitting to standing. I have an appointment with my doctor on Thursday morning, and hopefully nothing too bad comes of it. Since this has been such a lingering, unaddressed problem, I’m taking all precautions I can to make sure this isn’t something more serious. I have a friend that is working through a femoral neck fracture now, and he’s out of running commission for quite a while (though that didn’t stop him from doing the Santa Speedo Run on crutches, gotta love that determination). So yeah, I’m petrified of ending up with something like that.

Not satisfied to just sit back and take the whole week off, I’m going to try to focus on upper body and core strengthening. I always sort of push this off to the side, which I know is wrong. It’ll help me in the long run (haaaa it’s like a pun).

Okay that’s enough whining for one post.

Back to my 5 miler, I completed it in 48:36! I’m beginning to really understand the concept of a runner’s high, especially when you’re going distances you never have before. Every time I hit/pass my previous furthest distance, I can feel the adrenaline kick and am able to increase my speed. This has been the pattern for my last few runs, so I’m especially excited about race day. The furthest my training takes me is 12 miles, so I can only imagine what a rush those last 1.1 will be. Maybe I’m glorifying it and it really won’t be all that spectacular because I’ll be so tired… but I’m choosing to believe the former right now :)

What about you guys: what was the biggest adrenaline rush you’ve felt during a run? Was it during a race, or simply on your own?


6 Responses to “Injuries and Adrenaline”

  1. Amy December 15, 2009 at 9:26 am #

    ooohhh- good luck at the doctor! I’m basically sitting on my lazy butt these days trying to prevent a stress reaction from turning into a fracture- doctor’s orders (otherwise I’d still be running on it, too).

    My fav adrenaline rush is the last mile of a race- love pushing myself hard through the end of it!

    • runkerarun December 15, 2009 at 9:28 am #

      Thanks :) And it’s so hard to sit idly by, isn’t it? Are you doing anything else to keep somewhat active, or are you pretty much stuck in place?

  2. RunToFinish December 15, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    dohh injuries are no fun, but you could be right that it’s a tight muscle. it’s amazing how they can really throw everything off. Hope you are seeing a sports doc so you get a clearer answer…the fam doc usually just says to rest BOOOO

    • runkerarun December 15, 2009 at 10:08 am #

      I’m very fortunate in that my family doctor is also a runner and has run Boston a few times :) And yeah, I’m really hoping the solution is as simple as “stretch more, dummy” haha.

  3. Yasmin December 15, 2009 at 12:59 pm #

    WAY TO KICK ASS ON THAT 5-MILER!!! Awesome time, and even more awesome you felt strong finishing it!

    I’ve hit the best runners high’s on distance above 5 miles. It’s not so much adrenaline bursts for me as it is about feeling like I’m gliding by and then looking at my watch only to realize 3 miles went by in a snap.

    About the possible injury (booo)– I’m not sure where on your inner hip it is, but a few years ago I was running a lot of uphill routes, and I started feeling a really painful sensation right over my hip bone. Doctor diagnosed it as a consequence of an irritated IT band.

  4. RunToFinish December 15, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

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