It’s in the Game

20 Nov

Oh lunchtime blogging… you’re pretty okay.

I had some great workouts this week, and I think I’m almost totally over whatever that weird muscle tightness was. I’m keeping up with a regular stretching routine which has helped immensely. Workouts for the workweek have been:

  • Wednesday: 17.0 miles on the spin bike (40:00, 25.5mph pace)
  • Thursday: 2.0 mile run (19:30, 9:45 pace)

I have some cross training planned for tomorrow and a 4 miler on Sunday. Woohoo! I’m excited to be increasing my milage each week.

On a somewhat related note, yesterday I came across an EA Sports Active pop-up store on Newbury St in Boston.

I stopped in, and there are three TVs and Wiis set up for free use to anyone that walks in. Free, unlimited fitness from now until December 14th. Not too shabby as a quick lunchtime burn. They also have a promo that allows you to take the game home and try it out for free for three days. So of course I went today at the start of lunch to grab a copy to test out over the weekend. Expect a review early next week.

Happy Friday!


One Response to “It’s in the Game”

  1. J November 22, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    hope the increase in mileage went well! To have an EA Sports Active place sounds cool! Boston always has the cool stuff!

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