“Just a Half Marathon?”

5 Nov

That’s what someone said to me the other night. They asked me like it was the weirdest thing. “Just a half marathon”… there’s no “just” about that! That’s 13.1 miles of muscles, sweat, motivation, and weeks of preparation. I may not be the fastest runner, or have the best endurance… but I will work to do the best I can. Sheesh!

I got my 2 miles in this morning, even though I felt like my head was a hot air balloon filled with lead (that doesn’t even make sense!). The first half of my route was almost all uphill, the last few feet having a super steep grade, but I ran right through it. It was probably just because there were people doing road work there that could see me, and I didn’t want to slow down when people were watching, heh. Don’t lie, you’ve tried to show off like that too ;) The downhill after that was a gift from the heavens. Mile 2 was all flat, making it a nice recovery run after the hill. Even with my congestion, I averaged a 9:36 pace! I’m really happy with that. It’s 18 seconds better than my PR 5K pace. Let’s hope I can maintain/improve this.

Speaking of congestion while running, does anyone else feel like they turn into a neanderthal in running shoes once the cold weather hits? Unless I bring some tissues with me, I’m a sniffling, gross mess. It’s slowed me down on many days. I need a better solution than just tissues and/or gloves with terry cloth on them.

Post-run I didn’t have much prepared in the ways of a snack or lunch. I grabbed a Laughing Cow cheese with a serving of Multigrain Wheat Thins, followed by the second half of yesterday’s grilled chicken sub for lunch. I feel like I need to keep some more fruit in the house. Grapefruits are coming into season. This is a very, very exciting thing for me. There’s nothing quite like half a grapefruit swirled with cinnamon and honey, put under the broiler for a few (it sounds weird, I know. But try it before you judge).

How do you guys plan out your meals? Do you have it set up day-by-day, or just eat whatever appeals to you at the time?


2 Responses to ““Just a Half Marathon?””

  1. Seth Hosko November 5, 2009 at 2:04 pm #

    Hey Kera,

    I will usually eat something high in energy about 3 hours before a run. A bagel with peanut butter, oatmeal, and banana are usually what I go for. For longer runs, i sometimes drink a energy mix or eat a energy gel pack before a run. Afterwards, carbs are usually what I go for – rice or pasta.

    As for the sniffling in the cold air… get used to blowing your nose into your hand and shaking it off.. its gross but you can always wash your hands aftewards :)

  2. Brian November 11, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    I am horrible at planning meals, if I can plan tomorrows meals today that would be a miracle. Thats an awesome pace for an everyday run! Next thing you’ll know you will be keeping that pace up for 4,5,6 miles!

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