Off the Ball

31 Oct

Sheesh, I don’t even have this blog one week and I already miss a day! In my defense, I worked from 6:30am-4:30pm, came home, made dinner, went to an appointment from 6:30-8, then was too tired to do anything else. In retrospect, maybe it’s okay that I didn’t write anything considering it was a thoroughly normal day.

Today I’m on a cooking frenzy. We’re having guests over tonight and getting ready for a busy Halloween. I live on a street with an elementary school and lots of kids, so I like to be at the door when everyone trick-or-treats. I’ve never been a huge Halloween fan, so I don’t mind keeping things low-key. I also have to work on Sunday morning, so there’s that, too. What was I saying? Oh, right. Cooking frenzy. Tonight’s dinner is a baked penne with butternut squash, steamed broccoli, a spice cake, and individual pudding cups. I have fun names for each dish, since one of our guests tonight is 4 years old (and at his request/demand, we’re all dressing as characters from Peter Pan. He, of course, is Peter). I’ll talk more about that later tonight when I have the pictures of everything.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to my roasted vegetables (am I becoming a vegetarian or something?). T-minus 3 days until I start my Half training!


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