Bikes Hurt Bums

29 Oct

No, not hobos. I went on the spin bike at my gym for the first time in a few weeks, and I forgot how sore your bum can get the first time back on the saddle. But I ignored any pain and was able to crank out over 12 miles in 30 minutes. 24+ mph, dudes! I’m super happy about that. I had originally intended on riding for an hour, but decided to cut back so I didn’t push myself too hard, especially with my Half training starting on Tuesday. Some strength training was squeeze in there, too. Let’s hope my stretching was adequate enough this time and I’m not hobbling around tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s back to the coffeehouse in the morning. The other day, the owner asked me if I’d like to start baking some of the items in there, hooray! I love baking so much, you don’t even know. But yes, this is a super short post because it’s almost 10pm and I have to be there at 6:30am. Gah.

If you’d like to follow my workouts, check out my dailymile page. And let me know if you join! Then we can have a little bit of friendly competition ;)

Until next time, goodnight!


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